Week 19 Debriefing

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Week 19 Debriefing

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Week 19: House of Horrors

The team investigated a cultist base of some kind and found some kind of insane art project. Statuesque cultists attacked the team, then some other cultists attacked them in a holographic scene to a little more effect. By the time the team got past a strange surgery room the owner of the building had escaped; they were likely a brain in a jar. The team also found some sort of Xenotech thing to investigate.
Soon after the team left the premises a group of Ai Jinn agents also turned up, possibly to do exactly the same thing the team had done. Afterwards, the Ai Jinn demolished the industrial complex in a carefully controlled explosion.

Information retrieved:
Footage of the whole crazy thing
Samples of new neural interface designs from the cultists

CEO Lee's comments:
It wasn't the biggest haul, but there was some useful stuff dug up here. Cultists with xenotech is probably a very bad thing indeed.

Information sold:
Footage: The UIG wanted this pretty badly. They obviously hate the idea of cultists with xenotech as much as we do.
Cybernetic samples: Datanetica bought this for some tasty profit. Seems like they want to see what the cult is cooking up.

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