Stealth, Invisibility and Mechanics

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Stealth, Invisibility and Mechanics

Post  Admin on Sat May 19, 2012 12:04 am

Stealth has proven to be a bit of a weird one in terms of getting the mechanics to mesh up to how it feels like it should be played. This is the system I am suggesting, but I am still developing it.

Basic stealth is covered by Agility + Stealth rolls vs Perception + Observation
This is for keeping out of sight and being generally sneaky. It is therefore effective against all methods of detection except unspotted traps.

If something is invisible to an observer then the stealthy one will get a +8 bonus to their roll. This is only if they are invisible to all of the senses being used to actively observe them.

For example, invisibility fields give +8 if someone is avoiding a normal human. If someone is avoiding an infrared camera, however, it will confer no bonus. +8 Is the maximum bonus that can be given out for stealth enhancements. Things like ETE paint, audio dampeners etc do not stack together to make higher bonuses; they decide if you get a bonus against an observer.

In the case of cyberframes that give a +6 bonus to stealth, that is the limit for them because they can only be so stealthy.

Vehicles are a bit more variable. The core book gives a +10 maximum bonus to spotting a vehicle using a high level stealth field. This is for a stationary vehicle, and makes sense because a very complex hologram can be projected. However, this only applies for stationary vehicles; when in motion a maximum +6 bonus will apply to bring them in line with cyberframes.

Military craft such as attack helicopters can be considered to have stealth against radar and heat seeking missiles in addition to invisibility. Whatever seems sensible really.

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