Cult! The Genning thread

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Cult! The Genning thread

Post  Darya Demeter on Sun May 13, 2012 11:53 pm

In character, I hate the Cult of Machina. As a GM, however, I love them. They are incredibly fun and stupid, and therefore generating stuff for them is fun. Therefore, this thread is for ideas, weapons and hideous creatures related to the Cult.

I'll just cover weapons here, since my current batch of monsters need to be thrown at players first.

Industrial Crusher Arm
D8+2xStr/4D6 Rate 1/Special Close Combat EMPS 25

Made using an industrial grade compression system, the ICA looks like a massive metal arm, usually coming down to the knee of a Chimera, that has looted industrial pistons and crushers, powered by a backpack, that allow it to apply stupid amounts of force using it. Usually it is swung like a club, but once per three rounds, it can instead be used as a crusher. In this case, the cultist first targets a body part and must attempt to grab the foe using it. If the cultist is successful, they may attempt a pulping attack.

Chaos Spike Arm
D8+Str Rate 3 Close Combat EMPS 25

The forearm is replaced with an array of blades, often thrown together so that they look like some bizarre, twisted bonsai tree on the cultist's arm. The sheer number of possible blades give the cultist +1 AV, as it acts a shield.

Industrial Chain Harpoon.
3D6 damage rate 1 range 30m EMPS 25. (Tactical)

The cult's answer to the grappling hook, the ICH is in essence long piece of chain with a massive hook/spike at the end, fired out of a cannon on the cultist's person. There are many variations, shoulder mounted, arm replacement, mounted in the chest, ect, but they all rely on the principle of firing large stuff at the target and then bringing the target/themselves into easy smashing range.

If the harpoon hits a surface with less than 30 AV, it is embedded in the target.
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