News Reports for Week 15

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News Reports for Week 15

Post  Admin on Mon May 07, 2012 2:07 pm

Escaped Nanite Experiment Chaos in Glasgow Spire University!
A nanite experiment escaped from a lab in the Glasgow Spire University and knocked several students and staff unconscious as it terrorized the campus. No casualties were reported, but the entire university was locked down for many hours while security forces dealt with the threat. This comes shortly after the nanoswarm that attacked Shanghai was dealt with by joint UIG and Ai Jinn military forces. Nano technology remains the focus of public attention and there are calls to limit its use on Earth.

Food Riots in Shanghai
Food hoarding and rampant crime has caused a number of small riots to break out in Shanghai old city. Less wealthy citizens were desperate for food and attacked a number of stores they claimed were 'holding out' on them. Ai Jinn military forces ended the disturbances soon after they began.

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