Week 15 Debreifing

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Week 15 Debreifing

Post  Admin on Mon May 07, 2012 1:51 pm

Week 15: Release the Monkey Swarm
A team of agents infiltrated Glasgow Spire University dressed as maintenance workers. They got inside a nanotech research facility that was working with Gemini and found a few bits of research. When they opened a door labelled as a biohazard warning and covered in warning messages a cyberized monkey leapt out and attacked the team. The emergency containment system then initiated and trapped the team inside.
After a few hours two of the team escaped by going through the decontamination area and then avoiding the guards and stunning the scientists. They created a diversion and a decoy monkey to allow the others to make their escape.

Information put up for sale:
All legal/publicly acknowledged research from the lab
Cyberized monkey corpse and images of the secret work

Comments from CEO Lee:
An interesting plan I suppose. Glad to see no one got hurt too badly.

Information sales:
Both items were bought back by Glasgow Spire University before they reached the market.

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