Week 14 Debriefing

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Week 14 Debriefing

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Week 14: Takata? I hardly knew her!
The team performed a daring raid on the Shanghai Takata HQ by causing a distraction in one of the three main buildings. Holes were blasted in the walls and then a large number of criminals attacked the research department. While this was going on the agents split into two groups, one making their way into the building that managed sales and one going into the management building.
The group inside the sales offices worked hard to remain stealthy and hacked the sales database without taking unnecessary risks.
The team inside the management offices first attempted to disable security, but were thwarted by security guards and a small team of agents. They continued to the data server levels of the facility and acquired some weapons data before they had to leave.
Extraction from the mission was performed with the Oracle helicopter and a new hole in the wall made by a medium charge.

Data put on sale:
Takata sales database
Takata weapons information

Comments from CEO Lee:
A solid mission with good results and a relatively low casualty count. Takata are not going to be pleased, but the UIG don't seem too upset by what happened.

Data sales:
Both items were bought by Takata to prevent them being made public and EI bidding on them.

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