News Flash for Week 2

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News Flash for Week 2

Post  Admin on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:25 am

Multiple terrorist attacks strike the Eastern Bank within two days!

After the destruction by explosion and fire of a Shanghai apartment complex, two more terrorist attacks have struck Old Seoul. Only hours apart from each other a major intersection on the main Seoul Highway was turned into an inferno, killing 50, and a private jet in the Seoul air and shuttle port exploded on the runway.

A fuel-filled tanker truck was stolen from a truck stop just outside of Old Seoul earlier this morning. The vehicle then evaded UIG enforcement officers in a high speed chase that accounted for 10 of the fatalities. The pursuit ended when the tanker was deliberately rolled at the intersection, releasing thousands of gallons of fuel onto the road. 40 more people died when the fuel ignited moments after the crash and many people were trapped in their cars by the busy traffic conditions. Those responsible were able to escape into the old city before the fuel tanker exploded.

No organisation has claimed responsibility for the attacks as yet, and there is no comment from the UIG on whether the three attacks are all linked. An official UIG statement was made soon after the attacks:

"We urge all residents in the Eastern Bank to remain calm at this time. Security has been increased in all ports and border crossings and UIG security forces are being dispatched to all major population centres to ensure your protection. We cannot comment on the ongoing investigations into these atrocities, but we ask all citizens to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity as quickly as possible."

The damage caused by the bombing of the jet has delayed travellers using Old Seoul airport. There is no word from the airport detailing casualties or the exact scale of the destruction, but it did issue the following comment:

"Due to the politically sensitive nature of the flight affected by this incident we cannot make any detailed comments at this time. We can only confirm that the jet was a private flight travelling to the Western Federation and that family and business associates of those on board have all ready been contacted."

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