Week 12: An Email From Darya.

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Week 12: An Email From Darya.

Post  Darya Demeter on Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:09 pm

TO: All SWA residents
FROM: Darya
SUBJECT: Cult activity in Shanghai.

Hey everyone. Me and Ida have been down here this week researching the attack, and we've noticed something strange; far more cult initiates than there should be. The underground illegal cybernetics doctors are doing roaring trade, and the initiates seem to be killing even each other to get hold of parts. Someone is building an army.

I'm going to continue to research down here, see if I can track down the source of the parts. I've now got the team status monitor installed, so you can see if I get into trouble. I've also got Xu digging around the internet to see if he can track down anything there, and I'll be asking around the others as well, possibly Enrique, since he seems to have experience with cybernetics.

In the mean time, if any of you can research illegal cybernetists in Shanghai, we can start getting a list of the places they are going to get themselves upgraded. Once that's done, we can hand over some of the locations to the UIG, while we go in and capture some of them to interrogate them.

In the mean time, Sosie, it would likely be a good idea for you to get Violet out of Shanghai: an ICE system like hers would be a prime target for cult initiates, and I don't want her getting hurt.

Also, my hornet drones should be visiting the complex roof everyday, dropping off video feed data from the factory outside Seoul. If someone could have a look at that for me, and send me the data collected, that would be much appreciated.

Stay safe everyone,

Darya Demeter

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Re: Week 12: An Email From Darya.

Post  SosieTerrehaute on Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:03 pm

TO: All SWA residents
FROM: Sosie
SUBJECT: Cult activity in Shanghai.


Oh, Violet's gonna love that... But yeah, that sounds doable. I know the Cult like any cybernetics, but if you can give me a list of some of the most common upgrades, that would be helpful. However, as someone in touch with black markets and cybernetics, I feel like this'll work out. I'll be there next week.

Stay safe out there.

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