News Reports for Week 11

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News Reports for Week 11

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:53 pm

Nuclear meltdown in Siberia
UIG sources have stated that a small fission reactor has exploded in the Siberian wastes, with an unknown number of casualties. The site of the explosion is not near any population centres or protected habitat, so the incident is being treated as a minor industrial accident. Rumours of Gemini involvement are plentiful but nothing has been confirmed.

EI Transportation Gathering
The EI Transportation Gathering (EI-TG) convention is to be held in Week 15 in the city of Hamburg. The show offers civilian vehicle manufacturers a chance to showcase their newest models or cars, bikes, light aircraft, ant-grav craft and even small space planes.

Gang violence in Seoul old city increases
An entire building has been demolished by fire and an explosion in Seoul old city. The attack is believed to be related to gang violence. No arrests have been made and no civilian casualties have been reported.

AMS Jupiter range on sale
The AMS Jupiter range of galvanic weapons will go on sale to the public from the start of week 12.

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