Week 10 Debriefing

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Week 10 Debriefing

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Week 10: Black White Ops
Agent Warick once again requested the team's assistance in a dangerous, suicidal mission. The agents were to access the security office of a UIG official's residence and ensure a device was attached to the network there for two minutes.
In order to enter and exit the facility the team stole a civilian helicopter and drop-suits. Besides a couple of minor mishaps the team landed within the target zone and stunned two guards in the security office. The Invigilator droids patrolling the area then came to look at what was going on and tried to get through the durasteel door with plasma cannons. Durasteel is pretty awesome.
The team left the compound in the helicopter and under fire from a UIG response team. This distracted the UIG long enough for the device to continue working for the required 2 minutes.
Ace detonated the grenades stored in the helicopter and abandoned it above Seoul moments before the UIG attack craft hit it with plasma cannons. Total casualties: 0 Total damage to city: 1 broken durasteel door.

Information put up for sale:

Comments from CEO Lee:
Warick is a real asshole. That aside, the team did extremely well on this dangerous mission and kept the body count satisfyingly low. Keep up the good work.

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