News Reports for Week 9

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News Reports for Week 9

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:54 am

PAX West prepares to open its doors
Arms shipments, hundreds of employees, security guards and even tanks have been arriving at PAX all week preparing for the show to begin. So far there have been no reports of theft or attacks related to the show. This due to the incredibly high security presence which the WF has put on, with other 1000 security staff monitoring the area. Even Tex Calahan has been on patrol in the area, as well as being shown a few of the weapons ahead of their official release. AMS let the WF law man fire one of their new galvanic rifles, called the "Amalthea", to demonstrate its incredible rat of fire, silence and reliability. "That's one fine electro-gun you've got there!" said Tex after he saw the damage the rifle did to a target emplacement.

Poisonous gas discovered in Madrid Spire City!
An undercover reporter employed by a Comoros run newspaper has identified a deadly gas in the ventilation systems at the Madrid Spire City. The gas was isolated in the top 50 floors of the megastructure and does not appear to have harmed anyone thanks to the Spire's safety protocols and sensors. The fact that EI had not revealed this information to the general public has come as a shock to residents and the UIG, who are investigating further.

WF UAS Force uncovers Ai Jinn weapons
A shipment of Ai-Jinn made plasma weapons was captured by a team of WF UAS in Shanghai on Tuesday. The weapons were hidden in a shipment of novelty items being sent to PAX via the sky-bridge. WF sources indicate the weapons were likely bound for American Underground terrorists. The WF and Ai Jinn are exchanging information on the matter.

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