News Reports for Week 8

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News Reports for Week 8

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:47 am

Madrid Spire City Evacuated Again
A bomb threat by the Droid Liberation Army has caused the Madrid Spire City to be evacuated once again. The affected sectors were the Underswell and the first five levels of the city. The EI has refused to comment on the incident because it is part of an ongoing counter-terrorism operation. Business in the area has been badly affected by the constant problems in the Spire City.

Hong Kong Autometrics Adverts Going Viral
The new "Tank Bustin'" range of adverts (more details to follow) have been seen millions of times on the WDN and a number of remixes and parodies are all ready spreading through the web. The effect on vehicle sales has been marginal, but the HKA group's image has been changed for the better among younger audiences.

Security Business gearing up for PAX West
The PAX West show is all ready getting a lot of attention from weapons enthusiasts and business leaders. Many of the major manufacturers are announcing their products in the coming week in preparation for official unveiling at PAX. More details can be found in the PAX thread in the near future.

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