New Organisation System

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New Organisation System

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:24 am

So the assault on the Gemini facility caused some ruffled feathers in the UIG. We're reorganising the company a little bit to try and keep the UIG on-side since we will be needing their backing for the foreseeable future.

Black and White Operations
White operations (no racism intended) will be our official missions. These must be focused on uncovering criminal activity in other corporations. The key to these missions is that we portray ourselves as the brave heroes uncovering the truth and stopping "The Man". This includes uncovering UIG corruption, since we are not their lap dog. White Missions can include full frontal assaults and the like, provided they uncover some crimes that are much more serious than (for example) a full frontal assault on a facility. No killing civilian staff unless totally necessary.
Black Operations will not be talked about in my presence. You will do them without company support and if you get caught you are on your own. I cannot give out rank points for black operations unless there is a very good reason. These operations include stealing prototypes and data; they earn excellent money on the black market, but I can't officially be involved in them.

Team Rotations
We have between 9 and 12 active agents at any one time. From now on every agent will be in one mission every two weeks. An agent can sometimes be in more than one mission in two weeks, but only if there are less than 4 agents on one of the missions.
((OOC: I am hoping to run smaller games and make sure everyone gets the same chance at playing. Games of 4 or 5 players should be the norm for now. Every two weeks we will re-arrange the groups, as I do not want to force you guys into 2 divisions; I enjoy watching different agents interacting each week.))

Two New Branches
We will be opening up a new branch in Jerusalem as planned in the near future. Further down the line I will also be starting an office in the South American Freestate to work with the WF and rebel groups.If you wish to help with setting up the Jerusalem office in the next 2-4 weeks and have relevant skills, please make it a part of your downtime.

Tactical Charity Assault
Oracle is having a PR problem right now. To help reverse this I will be starting a number of charity funding exercises and spending a lot of money in the local Seoul area to boost our profile. If you are good at business development, PR, charity, or just know the locals then I could use your help during downtimes. We'll make these bastards love us.

I have to Care
The UIG has reminded me that as the company CEO I am legally obliged to care about all of you breaking the law. I really struggle to care, so make sure you don't get caught, and make doubly sure that you are not linked to Oracle if you are doing something that is not a White Operation. Once again; I don't care. Don't force the UIG to force me to care. Technically, I'm meant to punish agents for causing trouble. We'll see.

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