Week 8 Debriefing

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Week 8 Debriefing

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Week 8 Mission: Some kind of fire worm things
CEO Lee had a meeting with a few agents in the Room. Two security guards were killed by sniper fire in the compound guard towers. The team rushed up to investigate and found at least 2 snipers were watching the compound. One was killed by Pinkie, who managed to sneak up on them with stealth. The other made a run for it and escaped.
The Room then came under attack by weird slug monsters that spit Napalm-J. Fighting ensued. The end result is that the UIG have taken a live slug thing away with them and Oracle have a full genetic breakdown of the creatures to sell on the open market. The slugs are new, or at least no one has heard of them before.
So yeah, Gemini are pretty pissed. Also, they damaged The Table.

Information put up for sale
Worm description and genetic breakdown

Comments from CEO Lee
They killed three cyberwolves in this attack. This is unacceptable. Cash bonuses, my thanks, and additional rank points for all operations against Gemini assets.

Information Sales
Worm information: EI - A low bid. Not much interest in the damn monsters at the moment. Gemini refused to even listen to our offer and let the info go to market.

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