Downtime 1: Three Squares

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Downtime 1: Three Squares

Post  Lester Buttercream on Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:48 pm

(This thread takes place before this thread.)

Lester was actually having fun breaking in the kitchen. Cooking was a demanding activity which required focus, but one as familiar as a pair of old slippers. He was almost finished chopping vegetables, now, sliding them into a wok full of oil and spices. Already, the synthetic onions and thick cuts of meat were making the kitchen smell wonderful. It was a archaic way to cook, but his family had it in their blood since pre-corporate times. And that was a point of pride.

He stirred the thick noodles and said to the room at large, "Another five, ten minutes. The celery still needs to be crunchy."

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Re: Downtime 1: Three Squares

Post  Amp on Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:57 pm

That special sort of natter, human to subordinate droid, heralded Amp's arrival. As she opened the door however both her feet and her voice halted in their respective tracks. "Oh that smells good!" The lawyer walked up behind Lester to peer over his shoulder, "Mmm, I was actually hoping to run into you Chef." Amp gently teased. Prince began to say something about the importance of their conversation but Captain Okawa waved a hand dismissively and ordered, "Shut the door, won't you Prince." There was no hint of query in her voice.


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