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Corporate CEOs

Post  Dani Potenza on Sun Oct 02, 2016 9:02 pm

Eurasia Incorporated - Gunther van Rosch

Gunther van Rosch is the richest person in the world, and according to EI official statements, the oldest in the world. Born in the 22nd century, Gunther van Rosch has been CEO of EI since its founding. Over the years, he has had many changes of appearance, race, sex, and gender - officially, he changes bodies to stay the eternal leader in style, but rumours abound that Gunther van Rosch has been dead for centuries, his name, position, and mindset passed down to heir after heir. Van Rosch's ruthless attitude, valuing profit above all else and ethics abe nothing, has remained the same throughout his long life, but he is very flexible with the demands of the market.

Shi Yukiro Group - Oyanagi Kameko

CEO of Takata and Chair of the Board of the Shi Yukiro Group, Oyanagi Kameko is a former agent who rose up through the ranks of Takata and became the CEO through raw cunning and business sense. Born in Texas to the family that to this day runs the WF’s top chain of ninja dojos, she joined Takata looking for a more individual way of life and has pushed that ideology in her time as Chair. She is a quiet, intense individual with great respect for people who work hard to create their own success that has led her to fund many small companies.

Western Federation - Cruz Montoya

A talented general and politician alike, Cruz Montoya is the least experienced of the major corporations’ leaders but very much the ideal of a WF CEO. They are a proud supporter of “Traditional Federation Values” and have spearheaded even more thorough anti-crime and pro-armament initiatives in their 12 years of command. A dedicated spouse and parent of 4, they appear on WF media streams daily with their family, discussing a topic of their choice and encouraging loyalty amongst the populace.

Ai-Jinn - Yuan Qingzhao

Go read The Dragon Awoken. I’ll wait. Okay, I should probably give a real blurb, but that can come later.

Comoros Alliance - Kirubel Lebna

Kirubel Lebna is a calm, professional man who rarely appears in public, best known for his excellent record of negotiating opportunities for Comoros to weave educational services into other corporations’ operations. Unlike most CEOs, Lebna actively avoids being seen as a figurehead for the people of his company and their territory, encouraging official statements to focus on the Comoros Alliance in whole as a project for humankind to improve humankind.

Richenbacher - Vasi Maniko

After the original CEO, Falko Richenbacher, died in a tragic plasma accident, Vasi Maniko took over. Many would have decided that this was a sign Richenbacher needed to improve safety procedures, or that they should work on producing safer plasma generators rather than just more potent ones, but not Maniko. A man of proud character who makes his decisions quickly and never goes back on his word, Vasi Maniko pushed Richenbacher forward into its recent production of many low-run, highly-specialised weapons and plasma tools. So far, this has brought great profit to the small company, but it remains to be seen whether demand will continue if the demand for weaponry brought on by the current conflict dies down.

Iyo - Scandal Heartwright

One of the original group of University of Tokyo robotics students who started Iyo, Scandal Heartwright has brought Iyo from a small startup to the world number one in domestic droids over the past 60 years through a mixture of incredible negotiation skills and a far deeper understanding of her company’s products and market than most top-level executives need. Scandal Heartwright is an outgoing, cheerful woman who has invested a lot of time and effort into building up a pleasant company-run town (named Heartwright, of course) around Iyo’s facilities to improve her workers’ lives (and give them an economy of low-skilled jobs to fall into as she finds new ways to replace more and more of them with robots).

Heartwright believes sincerely in the value of automation beyond it just lining her pockets, and encourages her subordinates to streamline processes as heavily as possible. This has left Iyo as an efficient company where Heartwright holds even greater direct power than most CEOs, but has also left them without the institutional flexibility to shift business following the DLA incident.

Multymeat - Janisia Kanaporis

Appointed six years ago after her predecessor’s sudden and unexplained retirement, Kanaporis is the kind of person that could only serve as a CEO in a corporation as close to the UIG as Multymeat - quiet, milquetoast, somewhat short on confidence, but dedicated to improving the Multymeat product and expanding the range so that every human being can eat well and be healthy.

Aldiek Syndicate - Xanthus Anthes

Doctor Xanthus Anthes, CEO of Aldiek and scientific genius, is dead. The UIG killed him. They may have forgotten, but we will not leave him unavenged.
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