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Black Knight

Post  Dani Potenza on Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:30 pm

The top section of Black Knight containing the peak and upper ring, known as the Upper Station, is where the majority of team facilities are located, including:

  • Personal rooms for the division and the staff
  • A kitchen for personal use
  • The canteen
  • A lounge
  • A professional-size swimming pool
  • A gymnasium, dojo and firing range
  • A study lounge
  • A karaoke & video game bar
  • The waiting room
  • The teleporter

The Central Ring is the zero-gravity section of the station resident to:

  • Colonel Lazard’s office and quarters
  • Zero-gravity labs

The Lower Ring, the smallest part of the station, is home to:

  • The private communication stations
  • The hangar
  • A lab/workshop space for the division’s use
  • The Moonflower
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