New Playable Corps

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New Playable Corps

Post  Dani Potenza on Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:55 pm

A lot of the PCs in Liquidation aren't from corps listed as playable options in the books. Here's where I'll note down the stats for these corps for reference.

The Shi Yukiro Group

The Shi Yukiro Group is one of the five major corporations, distinguished by its unusual structure. Rather than a powerful central corporation owning a number of smaller, more specialised companies, the Shi Yukiro Group is an association of relatively minor corporations focused on precision and advanced technology. While the Board of Directors is based in Japan and many of the more influential companies with the SY are Japanese – notably Takata, whose CEO Oyanagi Kameko is the current Chair of the Board – their membership is truly international thanks to a mixture of buyouts, companies growing from SY grants, and the promise of better trade deals for SY technical components and systems. Many of these corporations are very small and quite vulnerable, but the influence and economic power of the SY protects them… at cost, of course, and only for as long as they please the Board of Directors.

The only concentrated area of territory controlled by the Shi Yukiro Group is Japan, which was protected during the Corporate Wars much as in official canon, but due to the spread of their component companies they hold heavy influence, if not explicit control, over pockets all across the planet. Rather than the whole “SAMURAI AND NINJAS AND HONOUR” thing, Shi Yukiro corporate culture is heavily influenced by the diverse nature of the many companies composing it, centred on a strong belief that there’s a perfect job for everyone and you should pursue your own dream with everything you have. Then, of course, you’re expected work yourself to the death for the corporation, but hey, if you love your job then you never work a day in your life, right?

While agent protocols across the Shi Yukiro Group vary heavily, there is a common focus on the high-precision weaponry that the Group’s constituents create. A standard Shi Yukiro Group agent uses the Shi Yukiro Unique Abilities and Equipment as presented in the core book (p111), but may switch out the Masterbuilt Katana (condition 14) and Powered Melee Training for an Masterbuilt Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle, or Laser Cannon and the Quick Draw Training.

Alternatively, you might want to play an agent specialised in the tactics of their own company within the group. Only Takata have official stats, but if you want to play an agent of one of the others ask away and we’ll work something out. A player character might alternatively be the head of – or at least a controlling interest in – their own small Shi Yukiro Group company. These characters trade out their Powered Melee Training for Business Developer (EB 9) or Salesman (CoG 38), and get a bonus to be discussed in place of the Masterbuilt Katana, typically a piece of rare or high-condition equipment produced by their company.  This is another one of those “sort it out with the GM” kind of things.
Component corporations of the Shi Yukiro Group include, but are not limited to:

  • Air-Lyte
  • Anascan
  • Cycom Communications
  • Datanetica
  • Hachiman
  • Knox
  • Shinjitsu
  • Shirakawa
  • Simha Shipping
  • Takata

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Re: New Playable Corps

Post  Dani Potenza on Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:58 pm

The Aldiek Syndicate

Aldiek agents are human-algaeform Hybrids, which gives them a number of unique abilities and penalties.

  • Hybrids can breathe water.
  • When a Hybrid takes a mashing wound, they can roll under “Endurance + Reflexes” at a penalty equal to the damaging attack’s XS. If they succeed, they just take normal damage without a mashing wound. If the attack would not deal any damage except for a mashing wound, they take 1 point of damage.
  • Hybrids regrow lost parts in a number of hours equal to the number of weeks it takes a normal agent.
  • Hybrids can re-attach their own body parts without need for external chemicals. By placing the severed parts against each other, the surfaces knit back together over 5 minutes (rather than the 15 minutes it takes with Compound H).
  • Hybrids recover only 15+Medicine HP from normal Medpacks, but can use karyotic medpacks (Gate 22 p94). Karyotic medpacks cannot be activated consciously, only as an automatic reaction to damage dropping the Hybrid.
  • If using a chemical in an IV pack, the Hybrid must roll under “Endurance + Reflexes”. If they fail, they do not receive any positive effects of the chemical.
  • Hybrids take an extra 50% damage from fire, electrical, or dehydration sources.
  • Cybernetic maintenance costs for a Hybrid is 30%, rather than 10%, as adjusting implants to work harmoniously their body chemistry is a more intensive ongoing process.
  • Bioware enhancements, such as most of Gemini's "cybernetics", are incompatible with the Hybrid physiology. They can be adapted for installation, but it will take extra work and investment that will vary depending on the item.

Aldiek agents also begin play with a Biotic Shield (Gate 22 p92) and five karyotic medpacks replacing 4 of their starting medpacks and their IV medpack.


Psychoenabler Strain
Aldiek Hybrids only
Can only be taken at character creation

In your infancy, the bioengineers detected abnormality in your Advani Apparatus and introduced specialised cells to your algae to protect it during your brain’s remodelling. This gives you access to a set of telepathic skills depending on the strain used:

King Strain: Jump, Telekinesis, Psi Blade
Queen Strain: Assault, Cloak, Prescience
Ace Strain: Psi Armour, Shield, Nullify

You qualify for trainings that require telepathic skills from outside your strain as long as it modifies a telepathic skill you do have, substituting your other telepathic skills for the ones you cannot obtain. This increases all skill prerequisites of the training by 1, to a maximum of 11.

If your strain gives you Nullify, you can nullify skills you don’t have, but this requires you to activate your Nullify at 2 levels higher (to a maximum of 11).
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