The Cast

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The Cast

Post  Dani Potenza on Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:03 pm

Post your character bios here.
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Re: The Cast

Post  SosieTerrehaute on Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:24 am

Name: Lester Buttercream, of the MultyMeat Buttercreams.

Description: Lester is around six foot, with a curly fro and dark blue eyes. His skin is tan, and he looks at least mostly white. He has a mustache and a wears professional clothing in a relatively conservative style. He has a tan trench coat which he seems to adore and wears most days. He watches things, reads a lot, and listens intently while people talk.

Profession: Lester is a profoundly observant and fastidious man, which is befitting of his job as a Certified MultyMeat Health Inspector.

Drive: Lester is motivated by a sense of right and wrong. Moral, he wants to save lives, prevent death, and make sure basic needs are being met in a safe ways. Food quality and safety is a huge issue for him, as well as making sure people get access to medical care. Most places do not have food safety laws, but he's well versed in what exists and how to get unlawful places put out of business. He cares for children and animals. He does not agree with murder in almost any circumstance and will fight to protect lives. He tries to help people get over disagreements, even if he has trouble with that himself.

Flaw: Lester is with holding and a bit passive aggressive. There are a handful of people he blames for major wrongs in his life, and were he given a chance to murder and or torture them, he would. Revenge and sulking aside, Lester is prone to depression, avoidance, and other things which I'll figure out as I RP him.

Backstory: Lester comes from a rich family and is one of the few high level combat health inspectors. Mobile smork oozes, criminal meat farms, and untested water supplies beware. Lester's seen, fought, and ate it all. He was raised to take over his family's spot on the trustee board, where is father currently serves. However, after the tragic death of his wife and daughter, he has moved away from the corporate side to do more good works. His father thinks a stint with the UIG will help refocus him, and everyone is tired of his motions to improve food safety.

Relationship to Corporation: Lester is not a fan of MultyMeat and thinks they don't push enough to maintain high food standards. Lester also knows they sell substandard food at a reduced cost, which can harm people. However, as a great-grandson of one of the founding members whose company folded into the MultyMeat aggregate, (BUTTERCREAM DIARY AND BAKERY AMALGAMATED), he's spent his whole life in MultyMeat's shadow and everything provided to him was given by the corporation. He has complicated emotions. Being under the umbrella of the UIG, especially if he can help stop the terrorist actions of the DLA is a good thing, though.

Which major corp do you think would break the peace first?: The Ai Jinn, Gemini, or the EI. One for greed, one for shockingly low safety standards, and one for poor management out of control. You can decide which one is which.

What would you appreciate having at your new base?: Lester would like a new kitchen, a reasonable media center, and places with lots of non personal activity, like canteens, common rooms, and areas to socialise. Or at least I'd like to RP Lester there.

EDIT: Lester leads a division of health inspectors. He assigns cases, pools their resources to help with.. troublesome clients, and feels very protective over his younger cohort of food protectors.

Last edited by SosieTerrehaute on Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:38 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : I wanted to revise his backstory. HELLO LIVING EX-WIFE)

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Re: The Cast

Post  Silvia Tsukuda on Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:38 pm

Name: Huang Zushe (family name Huang, personal name Zushe, pronounced Zooshay)
Description: Zushe is of Asian ethnicity and looks to be in his late 30s/early 40s. In reality, as an Agent, his age is actually 67. He generally wears combat gear or comfortable and informal clothing. His hair is short and dark and his build is well-muscled - evidently a man who keeps in shape. His skin has the leathery texture of toughskin and he moves with the rapid movements of a man with an enhanced nervous system. He is generally friendly and approachable, but tends to keep his personal life personal unless pressed and seems to be constantly sizing everybody up. He fights with either a shotgun or a pair of shortswords and fights like a man used to close work and fighting in confined spaces.
Profession: COO for the largest non-Ai-Jinn shipping and freight corporation in Asia
Corporation: Simha Shipping, a member of the Shi Yukiro Group based in Singapore Spire

Drive: Personal and corporate ambition - Zushe wants money, power and influence. He has built Simha Shipping from the ground up and is proud of what he has achieved. Now he wants to push it even further - especially since they are leading the SYG’s space program.
Flaw: Zushe’s ambition and drive can lead to him taking risks that are perhaps a little too risky, as well as crowding out other considerations. He can be ruthless in his business dealings and has engaged in a few business practices that might be considered unethical.

Backstory: Huang Zushe was born in Singapore Old City, which lies within Ai-Jinn territory but likes to consider itself more independent than most. His mother was a shop worker and his father was the captain of a small ship that did a mixture of Ai-Jinn work and casual piracy. As a teenager and young adult, he spent a lot of time on his father’s ship, learning about the shipping routes in the area.

He married at 27, to a young woman called Jiang Biao - an intelligent and thoughtful woman with a job as an administrator at a local factory. The two of them began planning how they might best take advantage of the lack of any established shipping that was neither Ai-Jinn or pirates and soon after, they applied to the Shi Yukiro Group for funds to set up Simha Shipping.

The Chair of the Shi Yukiro, sensing an opportunity, approved their application and funnelled funds their way. Zushe and Biao were able to salvage a wrecked pirate ship, repair it and find a crew, captained by Zushe. A few trading runs from fellow SYG companies began to turn a profit, under Biao’s careful management and before long, they were able to entice other crews to join them.

Working from the basis of supplying goods from SYG companies at low cost, Simha grew rapidly and began to produce impressive profits for the SYG. Over the next several decades, Simha continued to expand, with Biao as CEO and Zushe as COO. It diversified into shipbuilding, smuggling, trading runs to the Australian Free State, anti-piracy operations, convoy escorts, road and air freight and some manufacturing. The SYG have also sponsored Simha Agents, including giving both Zushe and Biao the requisite training and enhancements.

Today, Simha is a large operation, centred on Singapore but with branches all over Asia. Recently, the SYG chose Simha to lead their space operations - a project that Zushe has thrown himself and his company into with great enthusiasm. So far, things are very much in the initial stages, with negotiations underway to obtain or manufacture spaceworthy vessels.

In the light of the recent rise of the DLA, Zushe has been very concerned. One of the first targets for terrorists like the DLA is generally trading and commerce and this could impact Simha significantly. Considering this, his extensive combat experience and the opportunity to see a major space-based operation firsthand, Zushe volunteered for the UIG taskforce being set up to counter the DLA.

Relationship to your Corporation: Simha Shipping is Zushe’s pride and joy. He considers it his greatest achievement and will stand by it to the death.

Which major corp do you think would break the peace first? The Ai-Jinn. Their philosophy is to push things to their limit and one day they will push somebody just a little too far, while the other corporations are generally more cautious.

What would you appreciate having at your new base? Communications facilities so he can keep in contact with people on Earth. Facilities where he can see spaceships in action. Training facilities and places to spar. Ideally, a swimming pool.
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Re: The Cast

Post  Amp on Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:06 pm

Name: Amparo Okawa

Description: Amp is a short Latin woman with black hair, typically tied up in a bun. She wears a white shirt with a tightly fitted black waistcoat and suit pants. Unless she's in battle where she is clad in Nightingale E4 armour. Its like field combat armour but with more little twinned snakes emblazoned across the belt. Amp is a very assertive if (apparently) patient individual, right up until she has something more pressing to attend to, at which point she has no time for you [TM]

: Amp, attorney at law, specialises in patent trolls. Specifically in destroying them. She has not gotten away with murder.

Drive: Amp is driven by a need to know what is going on. Knowledge is power after all and acting on incomplete information can kill you. With more resources, contacts and access Amp can make the most optimal arguments choices. Were she an actually patient person Amp would've made a decent scientist or doctor.

Flaw: Amp has a tendency to over-react when her buttons are pushed. Additionally feeling important is essential to her sense of self and, if praise and recognition are not forthcoming, attention will do.

Backstory: Growing up in the freestate wasn't an easy thing and without automation Amp would never have had the time to study. As such Iyo seemed like a natural choice of employer. The less she had to do to survive, the more she could learn and outdo others. So she had been aggressively pursuing management positions.

Her first such stint was as overseer for imports. A string of faulty products culminated in Amp crossing corporate borders in order to acquire evidence that their supplier was knowingly selling them shitty products.

Of course, following the trial of Han Li (EB 120) the entire legal profession had to take a more defensive stance and its a lesson Amp took to heart. No one can defend against a nuke but she'll take every reasonable precaution.

Lastly Amp sought out the termination licenses so that her prized possession, the diplomat license was jeopardised by a thoughtless incident of self defense/murder. Or it would have been lastly until the fire nation attacked, the DLA announcement.

Amp put most of her life savings to purchase her own EMP cannon and get the augments to use it. The best source of info she'd get on the DLA's organisation was from the droid's themselves. She would never have trusted anyone else to join the UIG division, let alone the green division she'd finally been put in charge of.

Relationship to your Corporation: Amp has put years of her life into Iyo, far longer than she has done any one other thing. The sunken cost fallacy is very much in effect here. She worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and takes the DLA threat as a personal attack on her success. The fact that she could get a freelance agent license in a week and move onto the next job is a fact she has certainly considered and subsequently discarded.

Which major corp do you think would break the peace first?
: Gemini stand to gain the most from the droid insurrection, much as Iyo stands to lose fucking everything. Amp is frankly amazed that they haven't capitalised on the opportunity to push their Biotech agenda. But she's collecting every scrap of evidence she can get in preparation for the oncoming storm of litigation. (Amp doesn't care about war, only court battles count)

What would you appreciate having at your new base?: A study lounge, 1:1 private secure/confidential communication and, naturally, a karaoke bar.

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Re: The Cast

Post  Tansai Kay on Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:40 am

Name: Corva Rhodophyta

Description: Corva is an average height individual, with short black hair and an intense stare. They seem to always wear their mission gear of a grey jumpsuit. They constantly walk slightly hunched over, and have a habit of picking at their right wrist.
Profession: AI Elimination Specialist, or AI Specialist.

Drive: Corva was designed and raised to join the Aldiek anti-Archon taskforce. As such, while they loathe and distrust all who live above the sea's surface, they have a particular loathing for all Archons. They are here to kill Narcissus, because if they can kill one, they can kill them all.

Flaw: Aside from the "Hates/fears all surface dwellers" issue, Corva is completely out of their element here. Viturally all their knowledge of the surface world comes from somewhat inaccurate Aldiek propaganda, and they struggle to handle information that does not fit their worldview.

Backstory: Corva was created by Aldiek bioengineers at the Nazca base in the Peru-Chile oceanic trench, and spent their life being trained and raised in clastrophobic underwater tunnels, watched over by their creators. Aldiek at this point is run like a cult, with the oldest members being almost worshipped by the later creations, and all knowledge of the outside world carefully controlled. After 7 years, Corva's amplitude and telepathic ability got them chosen to become an agent, rather than an algae form foot solider, and they were placed into a separate training program. They were intended to eventually join Aldiek's anti-Archon taskforce, dedicated to finding a way to bring down the God-like AIs, but on their third training mission to the South American freestate, they found themselves captured by the UIG, and given a choice. Join the anti-DLA taskforce, or find themselves under the scalpel of a UIG scientist.

Until they were informed that an Archon was behind the DLA, Corva was planning to take the second option. But, here they are.

Relationship to your Corporation: Aldiek is, until the last couple of months, all that Corva had ever known. Aldiek controlled viturally every aspect of Corva's existance, and pretty much everything they know about global culture is parroted from Aldiek.

Which major corp do you think would break the peace first? Either the Western Federation, or Aldiek itself when they rise to take their rightful place above the oceans.

What would you appreciate having at your new base?
Some form of water that they can submerge themselves into. Also some form of lab/workshop, given their particular training.
Tansai Kay

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Re: The Cast

Post  Fenris on Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:47 pm

Name: Mikhail Vojislav Lukyan Grigorievich
Description: Vojislav is huge. Standing at around 7’8”, he is a wall of muscle. He is clearly Slavic, and keeps his white-blond hair cropped close. He tends to wear jeans and a t-shirt when around the base, his favourite being emblazoned with the flag of the Russian Federation. Vojislav keeps Jonnochka with him at all times. He has a tendency to be loud and overly friendly.

Profession: Weapons Tester

Drive: Vojislav’s main goal in life is to help provide for his niece (Klava) and nephew (Vasya), whether that is by sending some of his pay check to his sister (Olya), or by helping the UIG make the world a safer place.
He also wants Russia to be freed from the control the Corps, but he’s aware that he is unlikely to see it happen.
Finally, Vojislav just wants to fight. It’s fun, and it lets you really test yourself, you know?

Flaw: Vojislav can be a bit gullible, especially when it comes to his superiors. A prime example is the bounties he collects for the UIG. Of course these people are all bad and dangerous, why would the UIG lie?
Vojislav can also be kind of oblivious, often missing any subtlety going on around him.

Backstory: Vojislav came from a fairly average family in St Petersburg, his parents were factory workers for the E.I., and it looked as though he would be destined for the same fate. But he was never that interested in working for the factory, and he soon fell in with a group that he would late discover to be part of the Russian Federation Liberation Front.
He ran with the Front for a few years, and was almost lost to that life when he found out his little sister was pregnant. The revolution that his comrades were seeking would be no place to raise a child, what was needed now was peace and stability. So he left the Motherland to the care of the E.I., the choice being made easier by the ever increasing Ai Jinn and Comoros influence within the rebellion, and he focused on looking after his family and being the best damn uncle he could be.
Luckily, Vojislav’s new brother in law was an office manager at the local Richenbacher facility, and was able to help him get a job as a security guard. His supervisor quickly realized he had a talent for violence, and soon he worked his way up to his current position.
For the last couple of years, Vojislav has been working closely with the PR team, and the UIG. He takes the newest Richenbacher products, as well as some prototypes, and hunts the bounties that the UIG want taken care of. Richenbacher get their weapons tested, and goodwill from the UIG, and the UIG gets rid of certain people.
Vojislav was keen to sign on for the newest task force, not only did he get access to Jonnochka, the best weapon he has ever used, he also gets to help take out one of the greatest threats humanity has ever faced, there are no downsides!

Relationship to your Corporation: Richenbacher provides for Vojislav and his family, and has always treated them well. He is proud to do the work he does.

Which major corp do you think would break the peace first?
: The Ai Jinn have criminal gangs everywhere; eventually one of them will go too far. Not to mention the huge army they have.

What would you appreciate having at your new base?:
Vojislav would need to have a decent communication system, so he can contact home, a gym to maintain his strength, and some form of combat training room, ideally with droids to fight.

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Re: The Cast

Post  James Fletcher on Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:13 pm

James Fletcher


Looks like the picture when on missions (though uses a single longsword, not two blades; I just preferred this picture).  Out of mission gear, has dirty blond hair which he keeps cut just long enough to reach his shoulders, has green eyes, heavy build due to natural muscle as well as cybernetic augmentation, and slightly pale complexion.

Employment Termination Specialist

To repay the E.I. for rescuing him from a life of suffering and poverty.

Many years of assassination missions have eventually grown a bit dull for James; one quick slash from behind is much the same as another.  He now looks for ways to spice things up a bit for himself, one of which is to treat his missions like computer game levels; life is just one big perma-death roguelike after all, with meaningful choices, dialogue and consequences!

James was born in the overcrowded, poverty and crime stricken streets of the London spire city underswell.  Growing up, James ran with multiple gangs (often barely more than groups of near-feral children and teens), just to help put food on the table for his sickly younger brother and disease-crippled mother.  His father had disappeared one night when he was still very young, and James’ mother refused to ever tell him why.  He quickly gained a reputation as a skilled fighter, able to use his surroundings and underhanded tactics to get the better of his opponents.
When his family were killed after a particularly violent gang clash, James was left as a young man out on the street, in the cold, with nothing but the clothes on his back to his name.  That is where the EI recruiters found him.  With promises of a new life free of the horrors and misery he had suffered in the underswell, James was more than happy to sign his life away to the corp.
Throughout his training, James was driven forward by his need to repay EI for the (in his eyes) kindness they had shown in ‘rescuing’ him.  This drive and his natural inclination for close combat translated into an impressive talent for the longsword, as well as a fierce loyalty to his new masters.  After many years of honing his skills and proving his undying loyalty to the corp., EI assigned him to the “Employment Termination” office, tasked with hunting down and eliminating any and all who had betrayed the corp. or threatened its operations.
As a test of his abilities, James’ first Termination assignment was to assassinate a rogue division leader who had defected from the EI to link up with the Russian Federation Liberation Front.  What made this a test was that the target was a highly skilled veteran agent, and had a skill set very similar to James’; he was a specialist in close combat, was well trained in stealth and concealment, and had stolen an artefact quality longsword from the corporation when he left.  It took months of planning, weeks of searching, and one day of very bloody fighting, but James completed his assignment with flying colours.  As a reward, he was promoted from “Termination Assistant” to “Termination Specialist” by the corporation, and was presented with the stolen longsword for his exemplary performance.  In the years since, James has become known amongst his colleagues as a bit of a weirdo, so unbendingly loyal to the EI that he would follow any order explicitly, and make almost any sacrifice.
When the UIG requested personnel for the new taskforce, the EI transferred James over to them with the following directive; complete the mission, obey the UIG, but take every opportunity available to serve the interests of EI.  The corporation, and profit, comes first.

Relationship to your corporation:
James is fiercely loyal to EI, considering them his saviours from a life of poverty, crime and suffering, and sees those who have defected from the corporation or who openly oppose it from within as traitors that need to be destroyed.  This new posting to the UIG is just one more opportunity to serve his corporate masters.

Which major corp. do you think would break the peace first?
Comoros, as the band of murderers, saboteurs and terrorists they are, would stop at nothing to plunge the world into chaos, given half a chance!

What would you appreciate having at your new base?
A powerful computer gaming area, with virtual reality facilities, as well as more retro keyboard/mouse and controller interfaces.  Also, a physical training area, with sword practise and sparring facilities.
James Fletcher

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Re: The Cast

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