Damaging Vehicle Components

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Damaging Vehicle Components

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 09, 2015 12:06 am

The following table is provided as a tool for GMs to use like the severing and pulping table, but for vehicles. It has not been tested yet, but I wanted to get it online so it is available for future battles with/between tanks, helicopters and armoured cars.

ComponentPenalty to HitRandom %Damage Requirement (after AV)Effect
Driver/Pilot-1295-10030hpKills or disables pilot instantly
Engine-580-9425% of totalVehicle cannot move except for turrets, doors, ejector seats and things with their own power source. Aircraft are screwed.
Wheels/Wings/AG-pods-350-7915% of totalVehicle suffers a -8 DM, -25% top speed.
Fuel Tank-1445-495% of totalKABOOM! Explosion deals (HP of vehicle / 10)d10 damage to anyone inside
Window/Door-230-4410% of totalCreates an entry point large enough for one person to fit inside, (or for explosives to be thrown into). May cause aircraft more significant problems.
Weapon System-4 (-6 for ordnance-class)20-2920% of totalWeapon system is destroyed, though jury rigging may work to bring it back online.
Vehicle sub-system-41-195% of totalDestroys or disables a (relatively) non-critical vehicle sub-system such as landing-gears, life-support or the car radio

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