Requisitioning Equipment (non-Oracle mechanic)

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Requisitioning Equipment (non-Oracle mechanic)

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:37 pm

Something that has always bugged me about the Corporations is that their most highly trusted agents are generally not given very much help by the Corp. They are given their mission pay and expected to use that money to buy equipment and complete future missions without any care for the agents' equipment needs. This is particularly hard on heavy weapons specialists who cannot afford a really useful weapon for rather a long time.

To that end I am developing the Requisitions system to be used in the core Corporations (not Oracle!). This system lets you ask for important equipment and supplies from your managers when you are given a new mission, assuming you have the time to fill out the paper work (in character of course).

Requisitioning for the Team
The agent team leader is ultimately responsible for the requisitions, which is an additional burden for them to shoulder on top of being on the hook for more general team performance. Requisitioning equipment that is genuinely needed for the mission does not require any kinds of rolls, but superfluous items will need something along the lines of an Intelligence + Business roll with an appropriate penalty. Don't get caught.
Requisitioning can normally only be performed before a mission begins, assuming that the mission is clearly defined such as 'Go to this building and shoot this target'. Requisitioning equipment out in the field is a bit trickier, with more details given about this later.
At the end of a mission or deployment all requisitioned equipment will be returned to the Corporation. May the Archons have mercy on your soul if you lost or damaged any of it.

How much Swag?
The amount of equipment a division can requisition in a mission is based on their team size, ranks and Corporation. The total value of the gear should not be more than the Sum of the agents' ranks multiplied by that corporation's agent starting funds. This is a lot of stuff, but with a very clearly defined use. It has to be required for the mission, not 'it would be nice to have', but important.
This amount can be increased or reduced as a reward or punishment for division performance.


  • Vehicles - for division transport in dangerous areas or places without public transport, such as APCs and helicopters
  • Heavy Weapons - the fun ones that are out of the price range of individual agent wages. If you know that you will be facing a heavily armoured tank then you should be able to requisition a railgun or plasma cannon. Nukes don't like using requisitioned weapons because they are 'used' and cannot be kept or improved. Note: WF requisitioned guns are diced up.
  • Generic Ammunition - You shouldn't have to pay for your own bullets if they are to be used for the corporation. Special ammunitions are not covered by this unless you have a very good reason.
  • Basic Medical supplies - Replace those used IV med packs and make sure you have one or two spare. If you requisition lots of these every mission then expect management to start asking questions.
  • Process and Task chips

Things you CANNOT Requisition

  • Cybernetics
  • Licenses
  • Training or other forms of skill enhancements.
  • Usually anything that you cannot simply give back to the Corporation at the end of a mission.

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Re: Requisitioning Equipment (non-Oracle mechanic)

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:38 pm

"11. Everything is air-droppable at least once."
-The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries, Howard Tayler

We've all been there. The mission at the governor's ball was going fine until that damned Cult of Machina cell attacked with some kind of part-man, part-magtank monster. And wouldn't you know it, you left your railgun in your other pair of tuxedo pants. Fear not! Rapid Delivery is here to help!

Rapid Field Deployment
If your division has not spent its requisitions budget for the mission it can make an urgent call to their superior officers for vital Equipment. Depending on the team's location it will be sent to them in seconds to minutes, and at extravagant cost. The larger the item, the more expensive the drop.

Small Drone Delivery
Extra Cost: +500 credits
A small, automated aerial drone is sent from a nearby facility with a small, commercially available item inside, such as an ammo clip or med-pack. The unit will arrive in d10 minutes. It is difficult to intercept such a small and agile robot but it is possible; don't order mission-critical supplies with this method.

Heavy Drone Delivery
Extra Cost: +2500 credits
A large aerial drone is sent from a nearby facility with a package that can be as large as a heavy weapon. The drone is not particularly well armoured and is intended for civilian use, so there is a small chance it will be shot down before it reaches you if the enemy have long range weapons such as lasers, railguns and anti-air missiles. The drone will arrive in 2d4 minutes. The division will be charged 2500 extra if the drone is shot down.

Military-Grade drone delivery (WF Only)
Extra Cost: +5000 credits
A nearby WF armoury sends out one of its armoured, shielded and aggressive ordnance delivery units to supply your division with a package that can be as large as a heavy weapon. Only ordnance-class or anti-aircraft weaponry can bring such a beast down. The drone will arrive in 2d4 minutes, or you get your ammunition for free!

Orbital Insertion Delivery
Extra Cost: +10,000 credits
An item of up to tactical weapon size is teleported into a waiting space station in low earth orbit. From there it is put into a heat-proof, single-use pod and dropped from space directly into the atmosphere and towards the recipient. The pod disintegrates as it travels until only the package and a small parachute are left intact, gently floating down towards the 'drop-zone'. If the item to be delivered is prepared ahead of time or is very common it can arrive in 3+D6 rounds. An uncommon item will take d4 minutes and a rare or unique item will need to be taken to a special depot for teleportation before it can be sent.

Air-Tight Couriers
Extra Cost: +10,000 credits
Air-Tight don't just provide alibis, they also provide secure and confidential deliveries. An item of up to heavy-weapon size or a vehicle can be delivered to the division by a specially trained, impeccably dressed agent of Air-Tight. All record of the delivery will be erased from your corporate records, UIG travel databases and, usually, anyone else's databases. The bill to your managers will list only "Expunged Records: Musical Item". Air-Tight agents find this hilarious. The delivery will arrive some time within the next D6 hours if you are on Earth, no matter where you are. If you are not on Earth... that's up to the GM.

Sky-Hook Pick Up (E.I only)
Extra Cost: +10,000 credits (up to 2 people) / +50,000 credits (up to an APC)
A low or high altitude anti-grav vehicle is deployed to pick up important cargo from remote or dangerous territory. A nanotube/titanium composite cable is lowered from the aircraft with a self-guiding grappling hook that will seek out a person, cargo or vehicle emitting an encrypted homing signal. The target must be visible from above, but thanks to the guided hook the target can be in motion (or in a gun fight) during the pick up. It can take up to D6 hours to arrive and will give a 5-round warning before it is about to fly over head.

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