News Reports for Week 92

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News Reports for Week 92

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:36 pm

A New Major Corporation?
A large group of companies are in talks to form what would be the newest major corporation since Comoros was founded. The companies are still negotiating and talks could yet fall apart but Bright & Sunny sources have given us clear indications that things are on track for a formal announcement in the near future.
The known members of the discussions are listed below and all have significant influence in the South American Freestate.

  • Multimeat
  • Liberty Black
  • Lanzas
  • Brasilia Council
  • São Paulo Senate
  • People's Free Republic of Rio de Janeiro
  • Gerdau Mining Consortium

Cyberlins Attack!
Ai Jinn cyberlins have made significant headway into Taiwan this week. B&S Media has been unable to confirm the casualties for this latest offensive. It is assumed that the Resistance has suffered heavy losses in the face of such an overpowering force.

Lunaversity Opens its Doors (Airlocks?)
A strange new university has opened on the moon and is attracting some attention from all kinds of potential investors. The Lunaversity is not yet accredited by any UIG organisation and a Comoros source used the phrase "mad scientist's laboratory" un-ironically when talking about it. Sounds good to us!

Violence in Seoul
Criminal gangs have been involved in a number of incidents in recent weeks culminating in the unauthorised explosive demolition of a warehouse owned by local traders. B&S Media hopes things calm down before anyone (important) gets hurt.

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