News Reports for Week 90

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News Reports for Week 90

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:19 pm

Battle for Wall Street Location and Time Set!
The site for the next cyberlin combat has been selected. The Western Federation and Eurasia Incorporated will fight for ownership of Wall Street... In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This surprising locale was chosen because it is in between the WF and E.I territories and can be accessed by citizens from both areas. E.I publicists are already dubbing this "The War of Tides" and merchants are selling out of cruise liners.

The battle is planned for Week 100.

Product Advertisement: Avanyu Enhanced Stealth Suit
Cost: 12,000 (for first run. Price will drop to 5000 in week 95)

The Avanyu company's Enhanced Stealth Suit combines 'stealth skin' and an advanced heat dissipation technology to provide its user with thermal and optical stealth capabilities. Under normal conditions it will function as stealth skin or a stealth suit and as if it had been coated in ETE paint. An invisibility field can also be used to provide the maximum level of optical invisibility.

In order for the Avanyu Suit to dissipate the user's body heat it must be exposed to both the user's skin and the atmosphere. Therefore, it cannot be worn with any armour or clothing underneath it. Vehicles and cyberframes cannot yet benefit from this technology.

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