News Reports for Week 89

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News Reports for Week 89

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:38 pm

UIG Announces Shi Yukiro Travel Rules
The UIG and Shi Yukiro have reached an agreement about the free travel of citizens in and out of S.Y territory. The new rules come into effect immediately and ensure that free trade is once again possible between the corporations. The rules are summarised below.

  • Citizens with a valid UIG ID chip must be allowed access to S.Y territory without harassment or detainment as defined by previous UIG Free Trade Law.
  • Citizens who enter S.Y territory must register with the Nippon Boarder Guard and submit to a full customs inspection. If a citizen has the Customs license they can pass through the border without being inspected but must still register their presence.
  • A citizen with the Diplomat License (EB pg17) can travel through S.Y territory without registering with the Nippon Border Guard or being inspected at customs. Abuse of this power will result in heavy fines and legal repercussions for the citizen's employer.
  • Citizens are restricted to designated locations based on their rank, licenses, employment history, criminal record, property ownership and other conditions stipulated in a detailed document available on the WDN. Generally, this will mean that visitors to S.Y territory are restricted to Open Cities and residents without specific jobs or ranks are restricted to S.Y Spire cities.
  • A citizen deviating from their authorised locations will be penalized rank points based on the seriousness of the trespass. The penalties range from 1 to 25 rank points. Rank loss can be appealed to the UIG using the Eastern Bank appeal rules.
  • A citizen must remain in S.Y territory continually for 6 months and submit to an examination to earn Residential status. If the citizen passes their examination they will earn the 'Resident of S.Y' license which will appear on their list of licenses when their ID Chip is scanned.
  • Residents of S.Y territory are required to register with the Nippon Border Guard when they pass through the border. If the resident is not leaving to perform tasks given to them by the Shi Yukiro corporation or its subsidiaries they will lose their resident status and license but cannot be stopped, fined or harassed in any way.
  • S.Y owned locations outside of S.Y territory can apply to the UIG to be granted the 'S.Y Restricted' license. If a property is granted this license they can refuse to admit anyone without a 'Resident of S.Y' license.

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