Secret Oracle Capabilities

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Secret Oracle Capabilities

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 04, 2015 6:10 pm

The following abilities are in some way illegal and are not to be revealed to anyone outside of our organisation. They can be used each week on a first-come, first-served basis.

Search for someone's ID Chip
Thanks to some unethical activities we have access to the UIG's satellite network and their totally-not-real system for finding people anywhere on Earth. Once per week Oracle can attempt to locate someone's ID Chip as a free action in downtime or during a mission.
Note that this is once per week for the entire organization. We don't want the UIG noticing we have this capability.

Keith's Denial of Service Attack
Once per week the Oracle organisation can very carefully allow Keith access to the WDN and aim his attentions at a specific server. The effect this has on the targeted system is unpredictable, but it is certain to be at the very least extremely distracting. Keith's efforts could result in the target system failing, dropping off the WDN or being easier to hack, as just three examples.
A DoS attack is unlikely to work on internal security systems unless they are connected to the WDN and cannot simply disconnect from it.
Note: this attack can be made once per week for the entire Oracle organization and can be used as a free action in downtime or during a mission.

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