Week 89 Debrief: Keith Retrieval (or: Ringing in My Ears)

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Week 89 Debrief: Keith Retrieval (or: Ringing in My Ears)

Post  AmetsBasamortu on Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:29 pm

Mission: Retreive the AI known as Keith from a WF facility in Toronto.

Team: Agents Basamortu, Tsukuda, Potenza, Fenris, Pillai and Carmen.

Report: The group met in the Room in Oracle HQ, where Agent Basamortu explained the mission objective. A WF base in Toronto had recently massively upgraded its data infrastructure, and had seemingly started to attempt to download the internet. Spying on the outgoing data revealed that it was hiding a message, encrypted using various historical ciphers which simply read "FUCK THE POLICE", a sure sign of the AI. After purchasing some grounded equipment, the group flew to Detroit, nearby Toronto, using a private flight booked under a shell company created by Agent Potenza, before making their way to Toronto Open City via a hired van, also using the shell company.

Toronto Open City itself was designed to be the perfect model of a WF Open City. Gleaming white buildings covered in anti-pollution coverings, patrols of robots inspecting for un-WF activities and near constant ground level surveillance to keep an eye on the populace. As such, the group decided to climb over the rooftops to avoid the cameras, using a route set out by Agents Basamortu and Fenris beforehand. The facility was heavily guarded, with a detachment of 20 WF soliders and a Magtank patrolling outside, however there was one entrance left relatively unguarded: a rooftop access door which could be reached by climbing down a mains power line from a nearby skyscraper to the roof. The door was likely left unguarded as this climb would require an intruder to have direct contact with the electrical current of the grid, as well as there being a skyscraper height fall if something went wrong. Only a fool would attempt it.

The team made it down the wire without too much incident. Once there Agent Fenris opened the access door to reveal a concrete corridor, dimly light. Scout powder revealed an air-tight room in the facility; it was assumed that this was the target. The group made their way down, encountering no personal and surprisingly low quality security cameras which were easy enough to avoid. The air-tight room was reveal to be a set of double doors with an air pressure sensor inside. Agent Fenris opened the first set of doors and broke the sensor, which called technicians to the scene to repair it, who were then taken out lethally by Agent Tsukuda, although not before one of them managed to call for help. When no reply came, the radio operator sounded the alarm.

The second set of doors were opened and the agents entered into a freezing room, piled high with enough consumer electronics to download a Corporate database into. In the midst of this were three heavily cobbled together mainframes, made from seemingly any parts they could get their hands on. Agent Carmen advanced on the mainframes, not noticing a technician in an alcove working on a terminal. Before she reached the mainframes, a concealed shotgun turret hit her. The technician activated a hard ion bubble around himself, while additional turrets popped up around the room and extremely loud country music was played. Extremely loud. Two turrets were taken down via Agents Fenris and Pillai riot foaming them, while the third was eventually taken down by Agent Tsukuda. Agent Potenza began firing at the hard ion bubble while Agents Carmen and Basamortu began interfacing with two of the mainframes, each discovering a gate keeper AI (a patriotic AI and an agoraphobic AI respectively), who were trying to hold back Keith from escaping onto the internet. Electronic combat began. Meanwhile, the music became so loud even the team of agents became deaf, with the technician in the bubble collapsing in pain and bleeding from his ears.

Agent Tsukuda briefly communicated with two HK autometrics driods wearing cowboy hats who attempted to talk before being informed the team was currently deaf, and who typed out on a datapad that the team shouldn't be here. Agent Tsukuda agreed, much to the robots' confusion. Agents Basamortu and Carmen continued to combat the AIs, plugging an AI box in the mainframe to transport Keith. Eventually the two were able to lure Keith into the box by making it look like the freedom of the internet, only to shut down the access ports. When this was done, the defense and computer systems shut down, and Agent Potenza broke through the hard ion bubble, kidnapping the technician. With the WF troops arriving, the group made a swift exit via the roof and were able to evade the attentions of the Mag Tank using invisibility fields and scattering. Agent Tsukuda noticed that Agent Potenza was being tailed by a rooftop free runner, who was taken down and captured by Agent Fenris. The group reconvened at Detroit Airport, getting medical treatment and questioning the two prisoners. The person doing the tailing was an American Underground member curious as to what the team was doing, while the technician insisted he was just a contract worker for the WF who had been brought in and toldto touch nothing. Although the group believed he was lying, he was let go and given plane fare back to Toronto in slip. The group then returned to the HQ with Keith in tow via a second private flight under the shell company name.

Amets' Comments
We achieved our objectives, and the WF are unlikely to make a fuss.

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 04, 2015 6:09 pm

Comments from CEO Lee
Well done everyone! I've been worried sick about Keith ever since he was caught by that damned alien computer take-over device. Well, perhaps more worried about what Keith would do without our constant supervision.
Whatever it was that the WF was doing with Keith, it showed that he can be allowed access to the WDN without necessarily destroying it. I've instructed the hackers downstairs to try and use this data to make Keith a bit more... accessible to Oracle agents in field.

Sadly Keith hasn't told me anything about what the WF was doing short of allowing him to collect data and store it. I'll look into it and try to figure it out.

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