Week 88 Debrief: My Drug Rave Briefcase.

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Week 88 Debrief: My Drug Rave Briefcase.

Post  Coraline on Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:53 am

After some speculation, and speculative high fashion purchases, the Oracle agents gathered in the room for the briefing. A brief round of introductions happened beforehand, since many of us were meeting for the first time. And then the CEO get right down to business.

Some among us had already been investigating the EI mega-yachts parked along the SY's coastline and the unofficial negotiations/killer party going on inside. At that party is one Alexandrovich Petrov, the EI's top man for the next cyberlin deathmatch. Under tight guard and keeping much to himself it would be understandable for every news outlet, psychologist and rival corp to want to know a bit more about Mr. Petrov. Especially since he seems to be almost immune to Immersion Psychosis.

Which is all the better for people to think he's what Oracle were investigating instead of the actually interesting people at the party. His assigned body guard detail for example, specifically one Charles Palmer. This guy was described as old as balls, an agent from before the corp. wars, ex-EI now a freelance agent to keep doing what he loves, Charles is often higher rank than the people he is contracted to protect. That lovely pesky privacy license makes it that much harder to know just what cybernetics Palmer is packing.

The CEO informed us that Mega-Yacht also had an Orion security AI, heavily nerfed to ensure nothing untoward happened at the party. Now was the perfect time to get what the CEO needed from Palmer, without tipping anyone off that that was what we wanted. And all the CEO needed was Palmer's complete biometrics, and an encryption key the size of a book stored on the agent's internal A.I. Biometrics, it turns out, change with age and Palmer is so old. The CEO then added incentive for us, specifically the finder's fee, totalling to 20% of the room sales and maybe something extra if we maintain cover.

At this we had some follow up questions. Q) Does Palmer have other bodyguards with him? A) oh yeah, three rank 3 experienced freelancers, but they don't compare to Palmer. Q) Do you have a way of getting the Encryption key out of someone's internal A.I.? A) Nope sorry, I'm sure you'll think of something. Q) Do you have a way for us to get into the party? A) You've got a day you'll be fine.


At this point we were dismissed to plan further. Fenris rang up Hugo and asked if he could get us tickets to the party and we could just go as Oracle, all the better to distract people. Of course Hugo can, Hugo's the man of the hour. Silvia tapped her usual supplier for a mini-sub and arranged to take Carmen with her. Carmen had ideas about hacking internal A.I. Ideas which Amets brought to CEO Lee and which he declined to hear about, "The less I know about that, the more plausible deniability." And once the others had seen the fashion Coraline had picked out for herself and Silvia, everyone wanted a piece. Except Carmen. And Fenris had to pay for her own, but hey we pull this off and we'll probably be rich by Oracle standards.

After make-overs we infiltrated the party. Fenris, Amets and Dani went as themselves with Hugo's tickets, Coraline went as someone else with Hugo's ticket and Silvia + Carmen mini-submarined their way inside. We split up to find our target, since the mega-yacht was mega by mega-yacht standards, city size. Fenris stealthed along a corridor, Dani had her laser cannon to fend off unwanted attention, Coraline got swept away to be eye candy and Amets did her paparazzi impersonation, while creating the drug rave hacking briefcase to be a better distraction, as Silvia + Carmen found the hotel where Petrov is staying. So far so good.


Soon Fenris, using her spire-brat sense, found the centre of the party and the infamous Mr. Petrov who was described as way more of an asshole than anyone could tolerate, Palmer included. The VIP balcony area was no match for Fenris' airs and free-running ability and she settled in to observe out target(s). Silvia and Carmen arrived at the hotel, distracted the secretary and hacked the gibson respectively, giving us hotel's registry. Now we had the room no. we were looking for and the CEO of the Megabanks room no. Amet's meanwhile decided to investigate unofficial negotiations, since that was why she'd investigated the Mega-yachts. More smoke cover for us.


It was time to set the plan in motion. Realising, however, that we would need to reboot some cybes and that she'd brought the LB biometrics capture too rather than her normal artifact toolkit, Coraline scrounged the party for a cybernetics toolkit. She was successful but at what cost? [Forever unclean, cannot unsee.] Breaking into Petrov's room we rooted around through his weird EI cyberlin pilot biz. Fenris had lent Silvia a LB camera disruptor which was super useful here. We found all kinds of things, keepsakes, trinkets, the gibson, which Carmen hacked for his cyberlin database. We took quantum photos of all of it as well as his room because you know, celebrity gossip.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Fenris observed our old school bodyguard talking on an earpiece and leaving the party to go find out what we were up to. His 'understudy's' took this opportunity to party!. And so we set the trap. Silvia clung to ceiling ready to assassinate, Coraline stood to the side of the door prepared to overcharge her canon at the sound of footsteps and Dani began charging her laser. (Carmen was still busy hacking the planet)

Palmer, unfortunately, stopped short of opening the door apparently sensing the danger. Silvia and Dani held position, Coraline decided it was now or never, flung the door wide and just managed to hit him with a ridiculous amount of EMP. "NOT EVEN CHARLES PALMER EXPECTS THEM TO JUMP OUT OF STEALTH." Palmer attacked doing respectable damage for someone without a weapon. Silvia just failed to assassinate, Dani shot him full of laser canon and Coraline attempted to use her new cybernetic on him, the flash part of a flash bang, she did not succeed. Charles Palmer, old as balls and professional agent in perpetuity responded with, "Oh man this might make a good fight!" Before taking Coraline as a human shield.

That didn't last long thanks to Coraline's digital injector and how Palmer did not need that near him. Instead he asked if it was the SY doing this, if they had finally come about that sword he nicked and if so good luck finding it. Silvia de-cloaked to give him the wrong impression and said, "We'll do our best." Palmer challenged the former shujitsu agent to honourable single combat, queens-bury rules.

Poor Silvia couldn't help but accept and started to slash at the man with her two handed plasma blade but couldn't land a hit. Coraline and Dani felt no need to respect Silvia's honour opening up on Palmer with their heavy weapons. Outraged Palmer stepped up his game. Eventually Coraline stepped up and used her cybernetic flash - it was super effective - blinding Palmer but a quick warning saved Silvia the same problem. To which she responded in the only acceptable manner, sticking her huge sword into his chest. Palmer was out for the count.

Carmen was free to attempt brain hacking and how. She quickly found a code long enough that it could only be what we were looking for, despite the internal A.I.'s protests and took it. Coraline detected some brain damage but he's an agent he'd walk it off. In a few weeks. Having got what we came for it was time to take compromising quantum (tm) photos of Senior agent Charles Palmer. Blackmailing him on professional grounds should keep his mouth shut about what he hopefully won't remember due to brain damage.


Amets and Fenris were able to talk their way to the unofficial negotiation room without much difficulty. After all its unofficial, if there was security it would draw unwanted attention. Like Amets and Fenris. Unfortunately they had no way to get inside but were able to plant AV bugs which would work through wall vibrations. Science! They got a good 1/2 - an hour of audio to be cleaned up and then put in the room.

Mission complete, cover maintained, operation smokescreen successful!

And then we left as quietly and subtly as we arrived. Somewhere, sometime soon that security footage is going to be reviewed and a security guard will say to themself, "wait what are those Oracle agents doing in the hall of Petrov's room? And outside the secret meeting room? Shiiiit."

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Re: Week 88 Debrief: My Drug Rave Briefcase.

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:39 pm

Information Sales
Audio from UIG/SY talks - The recovered audio was not Quantum-Guaranteed(tm) but was still very interesting. The S.Y appear to be willing to submit to some UIG regulations on the subject of their citizens' freedom to leave and enter their territory. The Ai Jinn bought the information, possibly because they are concerned about an S.Y/UIG alliance in the Eastern Bank.
Petrov Cyberlin Data - The database downloaded from Petrov's terminal is a huge array of cyberlin control settings and configuration files. This information would be very useful to anyone facing off against Petrov in battle, which explains why the EI bought it back ASAP.
Petrov Personal Information - B&S Media picked this up and started broadcasting it before the auction was even over. Apparently the cyberlin pilot in question is very, very upset about this.
Agent Palmer Blackmail Pictures - Not sold. Files are on record for use as blackmail in future.
Agent Palmer Biometrics + code - Not sold.

Comments from CEO Lee
Well done, you glorious sons of bitches. Promotions, prizes and cash rewards are heading to your accounts as we speak. Once I've used that encryption key for its intended purpose I'll let y'all know about the next stage of this little project. Stay out of trouble now.

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