News Reports for Week 87 (No mission)

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News Reports for Week 87 (No mission)

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:37 pm

EI Announces Renewed Trade with Shi Yukiro
Following unofficial negotiations in Japan the EI investment firm "Mega-Bank" has announced that EI investors will be permitted to trade in stocks and shares in S.Y territories. The Corporate assets of the Shi Yukiro corporation have been somewhat 'locked down' in the past by citizenship requirements and legally questionable employment practices. Analysts have noted that such a move is consistent with the S.Y raising capital to rebuild following the Tsunami and that trade between the E.I and the S.Y has been increasing much more than predicted in the last month.

The news comes as the UIG has been threatening to sanction the S.Y corporation for its role in "Emigration/Immigration control outside the remit of Corporate entities" and "Unethical population control measures". A deal with the EI at this time could be considered a signal that Eurasia is willing to deal with the S.Y despite these issues and may put pressure on the UIG to back down, or it could show that the S.Y are willing to adopt new policies to avoid sanctions.

Hugo Zumisimo Found Innocent, Orion Security Found Terrible
Stock in Orion Security has ceased trading as its share values declined to unprecedented lows this week. The UIG investigation into the unlawful A.I programming revelations unearthed by Oracle has also frozen the assets of all Orion employees and could result in one of the most high profile cases of the decade if charges are brought.
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