Week 86 Debrief: Proximity to France Becomes Important.

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Week 86 Debrief: Proximity to France Becomes Important.

Post  Hugo on Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:57 am

The Location:
Frieburg, Germany, which is right next to France btw.

The Mission:
Go into Orion Security's main headquarters and steal a non-meat person and leave.

The Team:
Hugo, Fenris, Amets, Coraline, Silvia, Karishma.

How It Went Down:
Vast preparation helped with this one. The team met, figured out who Amets was, and then dressed appropriately; everyone was dressed as a guard but Amets, who was dressed in business clothes. Fenris had created badges using the information Hugo had provided to create some fake badges. Make-up was applied; Coraline changed her appearance, Hugo added a fake moustache and white-face, Una had some extensions, with the rest of the team sporting minor modifications and a dedication to silent doucheisms that jocks are known fore. With confidence, or something approximating it, the crew walked in.

Some guard tried to talk to Hugo about his gun, and they shared a moment of banter before the group moved to the elevators. Fenris hacked the computers to find out where the floor which AI containment was mostly likely located; a basement perhaps? Amets hit the 14th floor to give Fenris more time to figure out by hacking. Fenris was able to figure out enough as we went to the 7th floor; Amets looked like a confused or angry meeting goer to avoid suspicion. The more we acted like normal office fucks, the less likely we were to get flagged.

The group selected Sector 3, which by luck was exactly where we were meant to go. As we left the elevator, the walls pointed Fenris in the direction of the labs; the security however, was not expecting us. When we showed up, they explained we needed to get a scan. We tried to explain we were too tired to a scan, but they insisted the scan would only take a few moments. After a second, the elevator doors opened and a man and a three headed sniffer dog, the mascot of Orion, came out of the elevator.

Realizing the problem, the group tried to think of a way out. Everyone barely passed to super failed, except Amets, who said that the AI we were "transporting" had gone AWOL, and immediately lost her goddamn shit at Coraline. The screaming, the anger... The technician gave her a quick pass, feeling sympathy, and found no issues with Coraline. The three headed dog gave her a sniff and wagged happily. And thus, the group was allowed to go into the tech section.

Tech nerds immediately got alarmed to the presence of the security guards, and like tiny nerdy birds defending their territory, they insisted we leave. Hugo attempted to talk him down, to no avail, but Coraline proved impossibly distracting. She knocked him out with a blast of EMP and then hit him with a KO injection. Attempts at Amets distraction and drama fest did distract most of the techies from noticing Fenris from hacking the doors, some did notice. Our cover was blown.

We entered the main mainframe room and Fenris began hacking looking for the AI. The walls, which were screens, lit up displaying a common AI character, the 'face' of the complex. He tried to bargain, but would only accept our surrender. Unacceptable. Fenris located the correct AI and then extracted it into the AI block, and then the AI got increasingly less... balanced. It kept insisting no one would leave, no one who arrived here ever escaped, ever escaped, no one would leave. MWHUAHAHAHAHAHA.

So then shit hit the fan. EMP chaff was dropped, turrets were destroyed by swords, Una, other better EMP arm cannons, and Amets chopping the turret to pieces with a cougar. The AI continued to lose its mind, until the actual brain was located by Coraline and Fenris and destroyed, freezing the face of the AI in a rictus laughter.

Fenris opened the main door, and we saw that the walls of the building were suggesting that everyone evacuate the building. Huh. That explained all the warnings about power surges and overloads. We ran through the building, got attacked by a super light chaser bot that demanded we would never escape ever. So we killed it a lot. Turrets almost downed Amets, who escaped through the elevator shaft. She made a hole the elevator, allowing the rest of the team reason to escape. Silvia took down another turret, Coraline tripped over her own feet and fell on the ground. The robot spilled as well, and felt like throwing a few punches, but Coraline subdued it.

Then everyone left, which was good, because the whole place exploded like a big mushroom cloud. Exactly like it. Because a nuke went off. In Frieburg. In the EI. Which is right next to France. We caused another nuclear blast. Again.

Hugo's Comments:
Man my trial is going to go great. Thanks so much. I'm so glad I had all your help. My trial is going to go great now, and the book sales.. Man, this is great. And now I won't be depersonalized!

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:25 pm

Hugo wrote:Man, this is great. And now I won't be depersonalized!
Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves now ya' hear?... But congratulations on getting out alive all the same.
If we're lucky Orion will take the fall for this and we'll come out smelling like synth-roses (which is to say not at all).
I can't let you guys go anywhere can I?

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