Week 85 Debrief: Ordanance Class Railade

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Week 85 Debrief: Ordanance Class Railade

Post  Fenris on Sun May 04, 2014 8:43 pm

Mission: Liberty Black asked Fenris to get details of a new security system developed by Takata and used in the defense of Takata Plaza.

Team: Fenris, Silvia, Khalid and Carmen.

Report: It was determined that the best way to gain entrance to the security building was via the ordanance class railgun mounted on a turret on the roof, which led down into and armoury ajoining a training room, that was full of guards currently being trained. Fenris sealed the equipment lockers with liquid alloy, before the team crossed the corridor to another armory opposite.

As the team prepared to enter the security room on the other side of the armory, there was a flash of infrared light from one of the cameras, but it seemed to do nothing. The team entered the room, and Khalid dispatched two of the security guards as Silvia and carmen killed another two guards that were on the computers.

The team then made sure the room was secured and prepared for the Takata response as Carmen hacked into their server to get the information they were there for. After securing the doors for a short time, mainly by Khalid liquid alloying bodies to them, the Takata security decided to weld one door shut as their Samurai breached the other.

The Samurai stood in the doorway and the team hesitated, except for Khalid. His response was a fistful of knuckle bombs to the face. The following duel, which was respected by both sides, ended in Khalid defeating the Samurai Ad Technica, though she did manage to force him to use his IV Medpack to avoid dying.

Fenris and Silvia decided that rather than trying to fight their way through the Samurai, and the other Takata agent behind him, they would breach the door they weren't coming through, and head back to the railgun. While they tried to set this up, the second agent threw a suitcase containing a nanite bomb, but Khalid managed to deflect it using his telekenisis.

Using the corpse of the Samurai to absorb most of the blast, Khalid advanced on the other agent, shrugging off the laser fire before killing him in a single blow. Once the agent fight had ended, the other security officers opened fire, but were no more successful than the agent had been. Khalid recovered the agents Ion Katana before saluting the guards and making his escape.

As this was happening, the rest of the team managed to breach the door and escape via the railgun, though they lost contact with Fenris on the streets of Shanghai.

Loot: The team managed to recover a camera with the Infrared pulse device attached, and some more details on how the technology works, these went to Liberty Black.

Several of Takata's encryption codes were recovered, and these went into the room.

Khalid claimed an Ion Katana, which he kept for himself.

Carmen also recovered a load of other much less valuable data, which she kept for herself.

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Re: Week 85 Debrief: Ordanance Class Railade

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:57 pm

Information Sales
Takata Encryption Codes - The Ai Jinn bought these up for a reasonable sum. They probably have a few files they want to crack open themselves.

Comments from CEO Lee
That was much cleaner and quieter than the last time Oracle paid Takata a visit. I expect to see something nice for us coming from Liberty Black in the future, since that camera could have been worth a few million for us.

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