Week 85: An unexpected email

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Week 85: An unexpected email

Post  AmetsBasamortu on Thu May 01, 2014 1:23 pm

Amets stared at the green holographic projection in front of her. It wasn't possible. This had to be some kind of joke, right? But everything she had checked about it had matched up.

The object of her confusion was a form letter, offering her a job, very well paying. At the top of the page was a very familar logo to her.


She got out of her seat and paced around the floor. This was crazy. There's no way she could join them. Folders spun around her as the holograms misread her agitated movements as commands, but she paid them no attention. Oracle was...well, there was no way around it. It was a terrorist group with government protection. She wasn't a terrorist! They were crazy, she had gotten information about the missions they went on. She wasn't a field agent! Well, technically she was, all agents are, except the ones who get promoted to desk jobs and she wasn't there, but she wasn't a field agent who pulled the kind of shit Oracle did!

She spun around, fully intending to reply in the negative to the email, when she paused, her fingers hovering. She glanced up, at the whirling mass of information she had gathered. She wasn't a terrorist...and she wasn't going to be a terrorist. She was going to be a reporter. That's what Bright and Sunny did, right? And Oracle did uncover secrets. Perhaps not the kind of secrets she'd usually uncover, but still.

She brought her fingers down, and accepted the offer.

Then, before she had a chance to change her mind, she deactivated the holograms and started packing. She had enough money left to get to Seoul, and despite herself a smile appeared on her lips.

UIG. Ai Jinn. Comoros. EI. Shi Yukioh. Western Federation. Gemini, Bob. co, AXE, Reaver....Oracle. Their secrets would be hers. She was going to rip out their underbellies and hold them up for the world to see. She was going to shine the light of truth wherever she could.

When her teammates came to her apartment to grab her for her next mission, they found only a datapad with a single sentence, sitting on a table next to the front door.


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