News Reports for Week 80

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News Reports for Week 80

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:31 pm

New Ai Jinn Reporters Reveal Taiwan Troop Surge
Officially sanctioned reporters have been placed by Ai Jinn commanders into selected units to "Give the world the real story of Taiwan". The embedded reporters are not affiliated with B&S Media and we must warn our viewers that all footage provided by the Ai Jinn may contain some small amount of bias.
The latest recordings show heavy artillery firing on Taiwanese cities with very little effect and relatively few explosions. The (frankly novice) reporters say these are attacks targeted specifically at the Resistance forces and will not harm the civilians in the area. This coincides with an increase in Ai Jinn troop numbers that is being called "The Second Surge".

We at Bright & Sunny Media wish our brothers in the news business luck. You'll need it.

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