Belated Week 78 debrief: Taiwan

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Belated Week 78 debrief: Taiwan

Post  Silvia Tsukuda on Sun Nov 03, 2013 10:31 pm

Location: Dongshi, Taiwan

Objective: Meet Silvia's brother, Yuki Tsukuda

Agents: Silvia Tsukuda, Han Ji, Hugo Zumisimo, Dani Potenza, Stephen Lincoln, Tansai Kay, Fenris

Summary: Having received a request for help from Silvia and Tansai, the rest of the team made their way into Taiwan by hanging onto the bottom of an Ai-Jinn ship using magnetic clamps. Once in Taiwan, they made their way to the agreed rendezvous point, where they met Silvia and Tansai, who revealed that Taiwan is honeycombed with tunnels that the Resistance are using extensively.

The team then met with three members of the Resistance, who appeared to be extremely heavily augmented. In order to prove their loyalty, they were asked to deal with an Ai-Jinn stronghold that was causing significant problems for the Resistance forces, due to the four plasma turrets mounted on it.

The team advanced on the stronghold, and managed to get close without being spotted. At that point, Silvia, Tansai and Fenris advanced to the interior through a ventilation shaft, while the others provided a distraction by assaulting the walls. While the assault team fought off Ai-Jinn soldiers and began taking out turrets, the infiltration team sneaked through a makeshift medbay and destroyed the stronghold generators with fire.

In the subsequent chaos, the assault team was able to destroy the remaining turrets and escape, while the infiltration team made their way back through the medbay (with Fenris and Silvia killing a number of medics and injured Ai-Jinn). While most of the team returned to the Resistance, Tansai chose to leave immediately. Upon returning, the Resistance allowed Silvia to speak with her brother (a conversation that went very well) and then most of the team left, via the same method as their entry.
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