Week 77 Debrief: The Mystery of the Death Mantis Warehouse

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Week 77 Debrief: The Mystery of the Death Mantis Warehouse

Post  Hugo on Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:05 am

The Location:
Two Snakes Medical Warehouse #7, Near Lille, France, EI.

The Mission:
Find information on Procedure #5608, steal other cool stuff.

The Team:
Hugo, Fenris, Dani, Stephen, Han, Khalid.

How It Went Down:
Hugo met up with everyone in Seoul, including a Vaska, a Phoenix merc. After a fine first class ticket trip for everyone to Brussels, Hugo informed them he was looking for information at a warehouse. Han brought his huge APC and Hugo his fancy red car, and they drove into France.

The warehouse was one in a sea of warehouses, with a tall 30 foot electrified wall. Two Snakes owned a bunch of them, each other them 3 city block big, full of old research and materials from acquired companies. Khalid took Fenris and jumped over with her, and Fenris was able to knock some of the power out for a small place, allowing the rest of the party to climb over. Vaska needed some help from Stephen.

Fenris was able to hack into the security hut on the other side with a critical in opening the door, but immediately entered combat with a very well taken supplied Security Guard. Outside, a few guarding Invigilator droids began to rain plasma and lasers, but Hugo, Dani, and Stephen took them down, with the newest of the trio almost dying. Oh, good old plasma. Inside, Han shot a foam grenade, which fucked up the guard's shit but also everyone else's, trapping Fenris (who was more or less fine), but making it hard for Khalid to land a decent hit. Eventually, both the guard and Fenris broke free, and Khalid skewered the guard but good. Stephen put 2 of the 3 bots out of their misery.

Inside, Vaska began hacking and after a few minutes, wrangled the system under his control. The doors opened, leaking a pale mist and pull of some kind of a nasty gas. Inside was pitch black, full of endless shipping crates. Vaska brought the appropriate shipping crate to the front of the warehouse. Han took over data trawling for all manner of things, including for psychic stuff and prototypes. and then a weird shimmer happened. And then Hugo was mauled by a MASSIVE praying mantis BIO.

A fight ensued, where the BIOs claws and rended flesh while spraying Hugo and Fenris with green goo that impeded their movements. Flaming arrows, Una, laser machine guns, sniper rifles, and more were shot, while Khalid actually got documented evidence of illegal BIOS on Earth. One BIO was shot in the face, but the other was given to Fenris from Hugo as a present to join their other mounted BIOs on the walls.

The two manti were destroyed, and then everyone began to rip the crate apart, looking for information. At about that time, a fighter jet passed overhead. WELP, shit it the fan. A bunch of data pads were grabbed and thrown into a bag, Han drove his van to grab us, and shit hit the goddamn fan. A car chase ensued, while a fighter jet shot missiles at an overloaded APC with Hugo (And Khalid?) hanging out the back. It was fucking terrible and dangerous, but between Han's great driving and a little luck and a 175 point shield, death did not occur from above.

Fenris and Dani took Hugo's car, and happily, safely, drove into the safety of a bunker Fenris remembered. Everyone else followed. The cars were driven off to be horribly bombed while everyone else hiked a day back across the mildly radioactive wilds to Brussels. It took a few hours, but everyone got back safe with all the information.


Seems about right.

Hugo's Comments: I don't think this'll be a really high paying mission, so sorry to the new guys. I'll go over this information and see what we can find. Thanks so much for indulging me, guys. Let me know if you need me to help you back.

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:20 pm

Information Sales
Random Inventory for Warehouse #7 - Bought by Two Snakes before auction
Images of BIO's at Warehouse #7 - Bought by Two Snakes before auction
Partial list of Inventory featuring keywords: BIO, prototype, weapon, advani apparatus - Bought by Two Snakes, but allowed to go to auction.

Comments from CEO Lee
I'm glad to see so many new faces being included in missions, and that no one got themselves or someone else brutally killed in the line of duty. I doubt Two Snakes will be too upset with us taking some old patient records since they weren't using the darned things themselves anyway. Good luck with your investigation Hugo, I hope it leads to some rich pickings.

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