Description of Dojo De Seoul and Nuestro Juego

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Description of Dojo De Seoul and Nuestro Juego

Post  Hugo on Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:01 am

The two buildings Hugo owns are in an industrial area, equidistant from the docks, the old city, and the nicer areas the border the borough of the Interchange. It isn't a particularly bad area, but it is frequented by a number of gangs and stands in the open city proper, far away from Oracle supervision.

Dojo de Seoul is a new building, built in the same style as the Interchange. It matches the local architecture, though it is newer than the others. It has five floors, and on clear days from floors three and above, the Interchange can be seen from the front of the building. It is made of cement and dark steel, with black, mirrored glass that allows those inside to look out but not those out to look in. The colors inside are desaturated, with bright overhead lights and gray walls and 'wood' floors. There are a few plants in the hallways, a few sturdy benches along doorways, a few photographs of local Seoul up, but mostly it's plain and undecorated.

The ground floor contains a handful of small training rooms and one very large auditorium that could easily train a basketball team. One wall in the main room is a holowall, perfect for displaying scores or showing movies. Seating can be pulled from inside the walls.

The middle floors have small training rooms and specialized rooms with various exercise equipment. There are rooms that could be used for dancing or other open space activities, with chairs that line the walls that could quickly turn the rooms into a meeting space. The first floor has a small medbay, made to accommodate people with injuries that would commonly occur from hand to hand sparring and other mundane damage. The second floor has a bunch of vending machines for drinks. The third floor has a small cantina and a security office, and is mostly used for meetings.

The top floor is storage, and contains an office for Hugo and Keota to run the business from. The office is rather spartan, though it has a small waiting room with a poster-sized portrait of a behind the scenes shot of Hugo modelling with a can of Impossi-Brew.
There are both stairs and an elevator.

Nuestro Juego is another beast entirely.
The building is 6 stories tall, complete with a huge glowing signage that reads "NUESTRO JUEGO" in blinking, neon lights. The windows are all made of colored glass and changing LED lights. It does not fit in to the local area at all, and if it wasn't for a covered walkway on the second floor connecting it to Dojo De Seoul, one would think it was run by some other, color-obsessed, mildly insane person.

Inside it is a massive playscape of bright colors and shadowy tunnels, climbing walls made of reinforced rope and hanging foam black that obstruct running. It is a massive play area, with fireman poles and slides, black nets and nooks and crannies for people to hide in. The colors are intentionally jarring, made to trick the eye into seeing human shapes and movement where there is, in reality, none. It is much like an indoor playscape one might find for children, but the construction rises six stories tall and is made of futuristic, bright polymers that are resistant to many kinds of shot. The areas are big enough for a Hugo-sized agent to crawl through with ample room. Low walls create a maze on one side, and various view points allow unparalleled views where one could hide unseen from those below. There are three or four places that would allow for a natural fall-ball shelter if one was being overloaded, and various places where one could hang or steal a flag or other piece of information.

On the bottom floor, there is a seating a recovery area, several toilets, and a small bar that sells refreshment and ammo. A list on the side of the door details the acceptable ammo that is allowed and one which days, as well as game nights of Capture the Flag. A large sign over the bar declares that this is a corporate conflict free zone. This Unique Training Space is Available for Corporate Hire Now!

The walkway to the second floor has stairs, a rope ladder, and a slide connected to it, each of which will lead you to the Dojo next door.

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