News Reports for Week 75

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News Reports for Week 75

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:39 pm

Are The Resistance Human?
As violence in Keelung increases by the day and the Ai Jinn military commit more forces to the battle, B&S Media asks the question, who are the Resistance and are they even human? Images and stories acquired from the Ai Jinn soldiers tell of creatures 10ft tall and made more of metal than flesh. Some of Resistance Corpses have allegedly been examined by Ai Jinn scientists and medics and rumours are flying about what they have discovered. Some claim that the Resistance are people who have been sealed inside cyberframes. Others say that they are a robot army fielded by an insane super-scientist from before the Corporate wars. When B&S Media has the answers, you will too. Stay tuned for more footage from the front lines.

Images from the front line:
A Resistance Member on the attack.
A Resistance Skull Helmet

Shanghai Factory Demolished without Warning
An abandoned factory in Shanghai was demolished by the Ai Jinn without alerting the surrounding businesses this week. The controlled demolition went ahead smoothly and without significant damage to the surrounding buildings. An Ai Jinn spokesperson said "Our plans for Urban Renewal in this area are progressing rapidly. We apologise for forgetting to alert those nearby before we carried out the detonation, but we must reiterate that this was a controlled demolition and that no one was ever in any danger."

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