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B&S: Origins
Bright & Sunny Media (BSM or B&S for short, never BS-Media) is a huge non-interactive content creator and also the largest collection of copyrights ever assembled by humanity. Originally the company was a part of E.I's attempt to buy literally everything related to the entertainment industry but it became too large to manage and was spun off into its own minor corporate entity in 2200. Since then B&S has maintained strong ties to E.I but it has also managed a surprising amount of independence from its former master; B&S frequently breaks news stories that are damaging to E.I and even investigates its board of directors. Thanks to B&S' control of the news media any attempt to silence them would result in a fearsome and very public backlash.

B&S: Business
B&S focuses on non-interactive media such as television shows, movies, books and most importantly news and journalism. Facilities for creating media content are located across the globe and solar system; B&S has studios on Vastaag, the moon and on the World View. Staff for the corporation can find themselves anywhere on the planet and they employ people from every territory. The (relative) neutrality of B&S is so respected that there are even some Shi Yukiro staff who have not been stripped of their citizenship for joining a 'rival' corporation and some ex-UIG staff who are tired of the UIG's censorship.
The headquarters for the corporation is located in London, on Fleet Street, under the orders of EI CEO Gunther van Rosch who wanted to recreate the area's ancient newspaper legacy in a more modern form. E.I public relations experts keep a very close watch on the premises; if B&S do something that really hurts E.I, then it would be a simple matter to eliminate the upper management in one fell swoop. Not that this stops lone reporters from breaking stories without the management's permission.

B&S Agents
Agents working for B&S have a very wide range of tasks, but very rarely appear on camera. There are a few agent-based shows to compete with the WF, but these are heavily scripted and even staged so the stars are not 'true' agents in the traditional sense. Some roles for agents include:

  • Protecting celebrities and station managers.
  • Investigative journalism in dangerous situations
  • Sabotaging other media producers' efforts
  • Negotiating for broadcasting rights

Starting Credits: 10,000
Pay: 900 per mission
Languages: English, any two other common languages
Unique Abilities and Equipment:

  • Journalism Network - Either by asking journalist contacts or by going through the B&S archives, B&S agents gain a +4 modifier to data trawling rolls or Corporate Knowledge checks providing they have access to the corporate network. Oracle agents defecting from B&S can use this ability once per week.
  • Encrypted Transmitters - B&S agent smeakers are powerful, tough to hack and use the B&S network instead of the basic WDN. Their range is increased by 4x for the purposes of calculating the probability of interception (not their actual range).
  • Real Time Data - B&S has a satellite network it uses to send transmissions and look for breaking stories. During a scene an agent can attempt to connect to the network with a computer and receive real-time footage of the area from above. This might help them observe targets, identify attackers or avoid trouble. There is a 25% chance that a satellite is in the correct location to aid an agent this way during any one scene. Oracle agents defecting from B&S can use this ability once per week (this does not count failed attempts, only successful ones).

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