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Two Snakes Medical

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Two Snakes Medical operates differently in Oracle than described in the Core Rules and setting. Here is some more information and some things you might be able to use to generate Two Snakes agents.

Two Snakes Medical: Origins
Two Snakes Medical (TSM) is a very old Corporation and can trace its birth further back than even the E.I. In 2072 a number of smaller drugs companies combined their patents and factories to create the largest drug manufacturer in the world, then known as "PharmaCorp". It became the prime target for E.I investors and the group was taken over through stock trades, shell companies and deft political maneuvers. In 2145 PharmaCorp was completely owned by members of Eurasia Incorporated, who renamed it Two Snakes Medical as a show of power. They also thought snakes were really cool. Since then Corporations have taken steps to avoid being taken over by E.I stock brokers, but this was too late for PharmaCorp.

TSM: Business
Surgery, drug manufacturer, drug design, beauty treatments, medical implants, TSM provides almost every kind of medical service available. The corporation's dominance in all areas of the health industry has been unassailable for two centuries and there are almost no threats to this position. TSM has competitors in every field but they cannot compete with the scale and integration that being such a large monopoly provides. The Corporation is happy to let others imitate their older treatments and produce generic drugs, provided they get the lion's share of profits from their new creations and elite treatments. E.I executives pay a fortune to be kept young, strong and healthy without having to resort to cybernetics and nanites.
The exception to this rule is Gemini. The two corporations must cooperate at a consumer level to sell their products; genetic modifications and bio-implants primarily. Behind closed doors Gemini and TSM fight like vicious animals.

TSM: Agents
Agents employed by TSM are used to keep tabs on other companies and their research efforts, and to defend TSM assets from other corporations (usually Gemini). Sometimes this involves working against other E.I owned companies; don't worry, TSM is big enough to take care of itself.

Starting Credits: 9,000
Pay: 1,000 per mission
Languages: English, any two other common languages
Unique Abilities and Equipment:

  • 25% discount on legal toxins, drugs and medical procedures (not cybernetics)
  • Experimental Medicine - Upon completing a mission successfully an agent will be rewarded with an experimental or rare drug for use in later missions. These will usually be very useful and powerful.
  • Either the Surgeon Training or Field Surgery Training for free if prerequisites are met.
  • Ability to buy "Medpack XL", detailed below.

Medpack XL
Cost: 500
Used as a standard medpack (not an IV medpack) except it will heal 30 plus the user's medical skill. The Medpack XL will also prevent mashing wounds from bleeding and remove any drugs from the patient's circulatory system with a potency of 6 or below.
The Medpack XL is only available to Two Snakes Medical agents (rank 1+), or ordinary staff above rank 3. Oracle agents from this corporation can acquire up to 3 per month.

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