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Misc. Robots

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Y&S Gun-Dog - Heavy Weapon Platform (Similar to this and this.)
Cost: 75,000
A.I Level: 1
Strength: 6
Agility: 5
Reflexes: 2
Endurance: 6
Perception: 3
Presence: 3
HP: 30
AV: 6
EMPS: 20
Conviction Points: 2 per mission
Can equip one heavy weapon, stored in the centre of the robot and firing from the front.
Is able to carry the same amount of equipment as an agent.

Athletics - 4
Close Combat - 1
Heavy Weapons - 3
Observation - 2
Stealth - 3
Support Weapons - 2

The Y&S Gun-Dog is a quadrupedal robot designed to carry equipment and act as a mobile heavy weapon platform in dangerous environments. Its A.I allows it to follow its owner and obey simple commands, including firing upon a target. Gun-Dog will do its best to stay out of the way and move quietly unless it sees its owner incapacitated; then it will attempt to drag their owner to safety or stand guard over them.
Installing or removing a weapon from the Gun-Dog takes five minutes.
The equipment being carried by the Gun-Dog is accessible as a normal action and small objects such as SMART clips and energy cells can be 'thrown' from small spring-loaded launchers on command. Throwing a small object like this requires the Gun-Dog make a Perception + Athletics check.
The Gun-Dog has 2 conviction points per mission that it will use to perform actions that can save its master from danger. This represents its selfless and loyal nature. Gun-Dogs used for a significant part of a mission will receive XP along with the players and can be trained during downtime like other A.Is.

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