News Reports for Week 73

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News Reports for Week 73

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Taiwan Province At War! The Resistance Strikes Back!
Heavily armed and well trained attackers emerged from several Taiwanese Old Cities including Keelung, Anping and the ruins of Taipei. The unidentified army was equipped with a mixture of KAC Shim weapons and heavy weapons identified as being of Ai Jinn origin. No standardised 'uniform' was being worn, except for the common trait of skulls and bones being prominent parts of each combatants' armour. Some theorise that the motif is not simple decoration, but that the army really has attached the remains of their enemies to their equipment. No one can confirm this due to the shockingly well planned nature of the attacks; very few Resistance casualties were reported. Detailed news is difficult to come by at this time because the Ai Jinn forces are attempting to restrict our reporters under the cover of 'preventing panic'. The only identification the forces have given thus far has been a large, ghastly display of 25 dead Ai Jinn soldiers strung together to spell out the word "RESIST" in Anping.
We can confirm at this time that Ai Jinn forces in Keelung have been very heavily damaged and that Anping has been completely cleared of Ai Jinn soldiers. Many civilians are reportedly still in the conflict zone and the Ai Jinn military has left the area to regroup on the city outskirts. More details to come.

Anping Citadel Destroyed
The fortress being constructed by the Ai Jinn near the old city of Anping has been demolished by the combatants in the area. A series of large explosions rocked the citadel's foundations an hour after the Ai Jinn forces were routed and the entire building now lies in durasteel-reinforced ruins. Economists place the damage done at approximately 2 billion credits.

KAC Shim Weapons Released to General Public
New! Fresh from Taiwan proving grounds! Dangerous guns at many good prices! See WDN for much detail!

UIG Refuse to be Involved in Taiwan Province
The UIG has preemptively stated that it will not be involved in issues related to Taiwanese security. "The Ai Jinn have assured us on several prior occasions that they are able to keep the peace in Taiwan Province without the UIG's assistance. The UIG will respect these claims for the time being."

Exclusive Footage of new Resistance Terror Weapons in Action!
Bright and Sunny Media, in partnership with KAC Shim, can provide footage from the Taiwan war zone. Watch as plasma weapons cook soldiers alive in their armour! Gasp in horror as re-purposed industrial tools slice through Ai Jinn tanks as if they were tissue paper! Feel the pants-wetting terror of those poor souls on the battlefield as they witness a 12ft tall mechanical monster tear their friends and allies limb from limb! All in High Definition 3D Immerso-vision! Delivered LIVE to your living room!

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