Week 71 Debriefing: An Actually Legitimate Drugs Bust

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Week 71 Debriefing: An Actually Legitimate Drugs Bust

Post  Tansai Kay on Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:39 am

Team: Tansai, Ace, Fenris, Stephen, Coraline

Mission: Break into a gang owned warehouse outside the city of Vladivostok to investigate dodgy drug deals.

Summary: The team traveled to the city and surveyed the warehouse from a building across the street. Both of the ground entrances were guarded, and two guards were posted on the roof with sniper rifles. After much discussion, the team zip lined onto the roof, Stephen KOing one of the guards with pacifier rounds as the others did so. Fenris and Tansai began to attempt to KO the second guard, although Tansai's attempt alerted him and Stephen had to quickly finish the job. Luckily Fenris was able to catch the second guard before he fell off the roof. Coraline and Tansai examined the unconscious guards, finding a number of false ids on each of them, as well as a drug compartment in a false watch on one of them containing class A narcotics. Meanwhile Ace began setting up AV bugs on the edge of the wall and a hologram of one of the KO'd guards to foil on lookers, while also throwing scout powder down into the roof access. The powder reported back that the warehouse was mostly empty, apart from some shelving, some boxes and six guys sitting around a table. that Coraline and Fenris listened into their conversation, which informed them that "the stuff" was running low, and they'd need to get some more. Additionally it appeared that one of them was in charge of this group.

It was at this point that the team (or more precisely, Stephen) was attacked by a railgun user from a nearby window. Stephen fired back while Fenris advanced, invisible, into the warehouse, priming a flashbang as she did so. Coraline provided Stephen medical aid while Ace helped/dragged them inside. Stephen's firing allowed Tansai to see the window where the railgun user had made his nest, and she fired a barrage of riot foam grenades into the window before heading down the ladder into the warehouse herself after the others. Inside, five of the six opponents were dropped by a combination of knock out gas and Coraline's pacifier, although the man believed to be in charge of the group only went down when Stephen shot him in the face, not before hitting some of the team with his heavy flak launcher and advancing on them using the table as a shield.

With combat over, the room was searched, and Stephen found a piece of shipping information stating the drugs found in the boxes were sold from the Dr Tarchov clinic. Given that this had become a perfectly legitimate drugs bust, the UIG were called in. Coraline provided medical aid to the flak launcher user, and he was interrogated by her and Tansai. Eventally, with some goading, he was about to reveal who he walked for, but the railgun user killed him before he could, before trying to make their own escape.

What the railgun user didn't expect was that Ace had a helicopter in the sky with a huge suite of survaliance equipment, allowing the team to locate the fleeing railgun user as he weaved his way through the crowded streets. Ace and Stephen grappled up to the copter, putting a spotlight on the RGU and demanding surrender, while Fenris chased after him on foot. He attempted to dive into an alley way, however a shot from Stephen took out his leg and Fenris caught him easily as he was screaming in a pool of his own blood. When asked, he revealed that he didn't know who he worked for, they just gave him orders through a headset, which Coraline took to try and find the source of the orders. The UIG arrived and took him and the others into custody, granting each of the agents two rank points for their work.

Tansai's comments: I didn't expect to get much out of this, but we got a lead and rank, which is pretty good. Nothing for the room unfortunately, but we can follow this up later. New rule: always place a shield around people we are interrogating. Just in case.
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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:54 pm

Information sales: None

Comments from CEO Lee: Well done on working with the UIG out there. That should score us a couple of points with the higher ups without upsetting anyone important. The old 'shoot the lieutenant before he talks' trick is a bit of a cliche, but it's nice to see that the Bratva are still taking things seriously these days.
Whoever was sending these guys their drugs will have been tipped off that someone is on to them; finding any evidence on them might be tricky now. Good luck agents.

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