Week 71: General Advisory

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Week 71: General Advisory

Post  HanJi on Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:43 pm

From: HanJ@oracle.wdn
To: All Oracle Agents
Subject: General Advisory-Be on your guard.

I've been keeping an eye on the gangs in the local area for a while now, and they've been unnaturally quiet for a few months lately, which I put down to assets being diverted away cause of the war, and generally attempting to avoid UIG attention. But since I got back from Vastaag, I've found that the Mighty Lotus Association, a local gang that Oracle first encountered at the beginning of my employment, have recently acquired a lot of support from the Ai-Jinn, but despite the new big toys, aren't being anywhere near as agressive as I would expect for a gang in their situation.

I'm probably off base here, but since Mighty Lotus Association presses up against Oracle HQ, it could be that they're prepping for attacks on either the HQ or our Agents.

Just keep an eye out if you're moving through the Streets any time soon. Add in the fact that we know the Future Boys still have us in their sites and this city is very quickly becoming a nest of vipers for us.

Sincerely, Captain Han Ji

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