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Oracle HQ is based in the old city of Seoul. The surrounding area is being redeveloped into a commercial district by the UIG, so the usual problems of old cities (crime, pollution etc.) are not an issue provided you stay close to the facility.
Oracle has its main sales office inside the Seoul Interchange (Page 115, Machines of War), which is administered by the Ai Jinn as an area of free trade. The UIG also monitors the area to ensure compliance with international trade laws.

The HQ comes equipped with the following security measures
- 20ft tall electrified outer walls
- Hard Ion anti-bombardment shield
- Regular guard patrols hired from neutral security corporations
- Cyber-wolves and other cyber-animals
- A.I controlled plasma/laser turrets with facial recognition systems
- Sat-Blankets in selected areas
- Underground tunnel system

The HQ has the following utilities available
- One small medical lab
- One small weapons lab
- One small cybernetics lab
- Underground garage with space for 10 cars
- Above ground garage with space for 10 cars
- Off-grid power plant
- Waste recycling
- Office space for 12 agents
- Meeting Room (See “The Room” section below)

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