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Australian Free State Culture

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The Eyre District Prison
The Eyre District Prison (aka the EDP, the Eyre (pronounced "Air"), the Eyrie, Cocklebiddy Prison) is a wide open space 30 by 30 km in the Western Australian desert in the area that contains the 'township' of Cocklebiddy, what used to be part of the Nuytsland Nature Preserve, and a large portion of rocky, uninhabited desert.

The prison is surrounded by a heavily reinforced, 250 foot wall that surrounds the entire facility with no doors or breaks. It it manned by a staff of about 150 patrolling heavily-armed guards, with regular shielded guard posts. It is also manned by a staff of 50 heavily-armed holoprogram B&S crew, with producers, presenters, camera-drone operators, resource liaisons, WDN monitors, and more. The staff of the prison live in a secure compound 3 km away from the south west walls, with ocean views and even a clean patch of beach.

The prisoners are not so lucky. The prison 'facility' inside the walls is little more than an empty patch of land. Over the years, all natural resources have been stripped to make crude housing and fortifications for the prisoners. The weather is painfully hot or freezingly cold. The ground is hard and rocky, and the only source of water in the prison is a small well that remains one of the most contested grounds.

Prisoners have free reign of the Eyre. They are allowed to do whatever they want. Murder is incredibly common, as are various other horrifying crimes, such as cannibalism and torture. Many prisoners ally in loose bands or gangs, depending on crime and corporation of origin. These gangs work together to get and repair weapons, build homes, protect their small territories, get water, and grow or steal food.

Prisoner life would be miserable and short if it wasn't for the one benefit to life in the EDP, instant fame from being broadcast 24/7 on the dedicated holochannel, "Thin Eyre". Cameras broadcast the dramatic live events of life in the Eyre. The crews establish narratives by following groups around. Dedicated programming allocates an hour to the small but spunky Shi Yukiro gang ("Kage Konvicts") an hour each to the two Ai Jinn gangs, ("The Dragons" and "Blue Fist Group"). Popular individuals, such as Zander Nyugen--an Aussie native who can boast 9 years in the EDP and 49 murders under his belt, as well as running Cocklebiddy, the only 'town' in the Eyre--have their own shows with talking head interviews, a mostly static cast, and lots of violence and drama.

Prisoners receive regular drops of food, guns, building materials, and more. For a modest fee, views can vote on what the drops contain, and where the drops will land. For this reason, prisoners will often appeal to the camera drones. Do they want guns? Durasteel? Maybe a plague is killing people off, and viewers need to vote for who will receive treatment? Appeals don't always work, but a good love and murder story can keep you in Smork and Nutribars for weeks to come.

New prisoners are gently but literally dropped in the Eyre. Prisoners have all been charges with some serious crimes, but some viewers claim conspiracy, and suspect that B&S hand-pick photogenic, talented, and or innocent people to fill in new slots on the channel.

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