Week 6 Debriefing

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Week 6 Debriefing

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Week 6 Mission: Tanks for the Memories

The team were met in The Room by a UIG agent called Agent Warick. The agent spoke with a distorted synthesised voice and appeared to be a bit upset about the whole terrorist bombings in Shanghai thing. Warick told the group to meet at an address in Shanghai and to bring big guns.
The division met Warick at a warehouse in Shanghai and were told to act as a decoy for Warick. The team fired upon the warehouse entrance and it opened, revealing four executioner class security droids and, shortly afterwards, an Ai Jinn built Mag-Tank (a tank with spider legs instead of wheels). A series of drive-by attacks ensued. The tank was finally destroyed when Han Ji crashed his motorcycle into the tank at 400Mph. He used a splat-line to enact a daring escape from the collision, died when he collided with a warehouse wall, was revived by his medpack and then fell to the ground. Han only broke a few ribs in the process (Conviction points: Always useful). It is noted that Ida may be jealous.
Positron and Xu travelled into the warehouse to find an automated factory producing plasma weapons and robots. The AI controlling the factory had been removed (likely by Warick) but Xu managed to hack into what was left of the system and retrieve some records and schematics. The team then got out of the area before Malenbrach arrived.
Warick later informed the group that the factory was in some way linked to the American Underground.

Information put up for sale
The information has been split up into packages for sale as shown below:
Video of Han Ji's insane anti-tank stunt and photographs of the tank
Schematics for modified plasma shotgun found in Shanghai
Schematics for crystal weave laced explosives found in Shanghai
Photographs and data logs taken from automated factory located in Shanghai

Comments from CEO Lee
I hate Warick. Thanks for not letting the bastard ruin my table. Also, well done on not causing massive destruction over a wide area despite being involved in a battle with a heavily armed mag-tank. I'm afraid I can't give out rank points for the mission because it wasn't an official Oracle undertaking, but if I know Warick the condescending prick gave you some rank just to show off.

Information Sales
I was expecting the Ai Jinn to get involved in this and prevent the data reaching the market, but they waited to buy it at a lower price. It appears they were not the original owners, despite the location of the factory.
Video of Han Ji's stunt: Hong Kong Autometrics (makers of the bike Han was riding)
Schematics for modified plasma shotgun: Comoros
Schematics for crystal weave laced explosives: Comoros
Details of automated factory located in Shanghai: Ai Jinn

I'm starting to get the impression that Comoros is planning on using our information for something a little nasty. They aren't even bothering to buy the stuff with shell companies, which makes sense; they want the other Corporations to hate us. Bonus rank points will be given to any missions in the near future that deal with Comoros. Can't have them getting it all their own way now, can we?

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