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HKA RoboDroids

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The information that was taken from Gemini in week 7 and sold to the EI has not had a large effect on the Replicant market. This is because Gemini are still the only corporation with the bio-cybernetic knowledge to pull off reliable, usable replicant manufacture on a large scale. However, some elements of the technology are beginning to creep onto the market (Week 69).
Through a bizarre set of licensing deals Hong Kong Autometrics (HKA) have acquired equipment to make replicant skin. Replicants have skin that feels and behaves almost exactly like human skin, but with a few tweaks to work more easily with artificial nutrient systems. HKA are using this to market robots with an unparalleled human-like appearance. These robots do not possess the intelligence or organic systems possessed by replicants and do not require a replicant license. They can also look completely human for the time being, though they are very obviously robots based on their behavior and speech patterns.

HKA "RoboDroid" (version 1.0) - Low cost Replicant-like robot
Cost: 25,000
A.I Level: 1
Strength: 5
Agility: 4
Reflexes: 3
Endurance: 6
Perception: 3
Presence: 5
AV: 1
Skills: Uses up to four process chips to load skills. The A.I starts with no skills of its own by default.

The RoboDroid in its base state will follow simple commands and can run A.I protocols if its A.I level meets the requirements. Anything more advanced than orders like "Come here" or "Pick that up" will require additional programming, usually in the form of task and process chips.
HKA offers some standard packages of process chips that customise the RoboDroid for common tasks and these are available from any HKA dealership. Why not come and browse our RoboDroid selection while your vehicle is serviced while you wait?

Target Practice Pack
Cost: + 10,000
Skills added: (Tactical Firearms, Light Firearms, Heavy Firearms combined chip) 1, Stealth 1, Athletics 1, Lying & Acting 1
Stats: +2 perception, AV +2
Ideal for use in training centres for live-fire exercises. Reacts to weapons fire realistically and guaranteed repairable if light and tactical weapons are used at medium and long ranges.

Servant Pack
Cost: +25,000
Skills added: Arts & Culture 2, Lying & Acting 1, Looking Good 1, Drive 1
Stats: +2 Presence
Ever wanted a robot butler or maid, but couldn't afford the insane prices charged by Gemini for their Muse range? RoboDroid comes to the rescue with its line of RoboDroid Servants, starting at 50,000 and up.

Custom Appearance
Cost: +10,000
RoboDroids come in three varieties by default; male, female and androgynous. An individual appearance can be purchased for your unit at any HKA dealership.

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