Hacking Smeakers

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Hacking Smeakers

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:51 am

Smeaker communications are assumed to be totally secure at short ranges and hackable at long ranges. The Core rules do not offer any system for this, but lists a "Signal Integrity" score ranging from 100 to 1%, and says this is the chance that the signal can be intercepted.
I think this means that over long distances the smeaker system may have to use normal WDN equipment to make a connection with the target, and when the signal travels by WDN it is hackable using normal techniques.

When someone is communicating with another party outside of 1km (or if the signal is blocked enough to force it to use the WDN) the GM will roll 1D100 for the signal integrity. If the roll is higher than the signal integrity score (see the Core rules, page 9) then the signal is using the WDN at the moment.

The hacker can then pass a roll for 'Intelligence + Computers & A.I' to intercept the message. This only applies to the signal for a minute, and then the smeaker will attempt to reconnect and the GM will have to make another roll and the process starts again. Note: This is not a 'hacking' roll in the traditional sense, since the hacker is not actually breaking into a system in the same way. However, you still need the hacking training to intercept the message.

If security is a concern then an agent with an Internal GUI can check on the signal integrity of their signal at any given moment and decide if they wish to allow the smeaker to connect to the WDN. If an agent chooses not to allow the WDN connection then the signal integrity becomes the probability that the message is received by the target, which the GM rolls for.

Equipment and trainings designed to make it easier to hack into smeakers will be added to the game in the near future.

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