Week 66 Debreifing: What mission?

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Week 66 Debreifing: What mission?

Post  Ace Nizky on Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:41 am

Where: Old abandoned mine network to the north of Yellowknife in the Canadian wilderness.

Who: Ace, Shap, Hugo, Karishma, Shinobu, Stephen.

What: Ace met the team in Seoul Airport, ready to fly everyone into WF territory ‘under the radar’ so the Feds would not know the team were there. In transit Ace described the plan, in which the team would infiltrate the cavern the Cyberlin was in, stealthily uncover any information they could before eliminating the guards, loading trucks full of sensitive Cyberlin parts and driving away. The team were initially sceptical of this plan, but as Ace described in more details how he had rigged several caves with explosives, camouflage and hologram generators for them to hide in, and how the American Underground would be engaging in ‘Operation Truckspam’ to overwhelm the Army’s ability to stop us.

While the plan itself was eventually declared to be suitable there was one sticking point. Hugo insisted that rather than trying to drive away trucks full of Cyberlin parts we should steal things that are “smaller than a table.” This mantra was repeated for two days as the team made its way from the drop off point to the caves.

Having taken drugs to mitigate the effects of the deadly radiation from the frozen wasteland the team made its way through abandoned mines until they reached Ace’s lair. A part of the mines with a heavily concealed entrance and stocked full of food, ammo and supplies clearly designed to withstand an invasion and to allow a team of Agents to last for about 3 weeks. From there the team equipped and went over the finer details of the plan, and Hugo made sure to let everyone know that we should steal things “smaller than a table.”

The team spent a few hours clearing away debris from a small cave in that would serve as their entrance point. Entering another mine shaft the team were almost immediately attacked by large mutated wild cats with disproportionately large, venomous fangs. The creatures, which were later dubbed ‘Chupacabrae’ latched onto Ace’s face, Shinobu’s shoulder and Una. Ace flailed uselessly at the ones on his face while Stephen lined up a shot with his sniper rifle. Shap tried to pull the one off Shinobu using a grapple hook but the creature was stronger than it looked so he mostly managed to pull it and Shinobu closer to him. A cunning activation of a nano-molecular tazer left the Cupacabra incapacitated, at which point it let go of Shinobu and Shap finished it off. Hugo fared well with his, overloading Una’s capacitors and frying the creatures with a deadly hug. Finally Ace saw Stephen’s sniping skills first hand as he managed to shoot off both of the Cupacabrae on his face without hitting said face.

Having taken a moment to recover from this minor ordeal the team advanced through the tunnel, only to reveal at the end of it a green glowing pool of highly radioactive sludge. There was a pipe in the ceiling that periodically dumped more of this toxic waste into the cave, and no other way out. After a moment of deliberation Shap ascended the pipe and, after a few minutes of climbing, came to a grating, which was swiftly removed. The room beyond was full of machinery which was extracting something from the chemical waste and dumping the rest deep underground. Having proved it was ‘safe’ the rest of the team followed shortly afterwards.
The team left this room and entered a large spiralling (actually helixical) tunnel that lead up, past a room marked ‘storage’, past a room marked ‘living quarters’ and to the door of the ‘Manufactory’. There was a slight moment of worry when Karishma walked out infront of a camera without noticing it, but it seams her invisibility may have been enough and these cameras were mainly watching for leaks in the large pipes full of dangerous slime, rather than people.

In the Manufactory they discovered what the WF were building. Missiles. Lots and lots of missiles full of a new type of very high explosive charge, which was what the machinery below was creating. In this room technicians were assembling the warheads into missiles, and giving them a highly advanced targeting system. The team took what photos they could and moved on into an astonishingly large cavern, in which they saw their first glimpses of the Cyberlin itself.

The WF cyberlin was not very impressive. It has six legs, two ordinance class wapons attached directly to the chassis and was covered in missile launch platforms. Appart from that it was a regular Cyberlin, repurposed for the Deathmatch, rather than a custom creation like the other corps had opted for. The real innovation here were the missiles, and there were several large trucks being loaded with them at this time, as well as a couple of full trucks. After servaying this scene they noticed portacabins set up down below, in which it was likely there were computers full of information. Stephen found himself a snipers nest while the rest approached the cabins. While there Stephen noticed Agent [insert name], who had a reputation for creating collateral damage with her tactical Flechette weapons, and for being great at guarding sensitive facilities and routing out invisible Agents. The team moved to the cabins and Ace released some Hacktive powder, which only succeeded in taking control of their music system. He turned the volume of the device up slowly over time to cover the sound of Karishma drilling into the back of the cabins at about USB port level, and then letting Ace hack into the system, in which they found plenty of information about a new type of shielding system the Cyberlin is equipped with.

Ace and Karishma stayed in the cavern, covered from above by Stephen, and the others returned to the storage room we had previously discovered. While Karishma took a couple of missiles apart and extracted their payload and guidance chip Shap, Hugo and Shinobu snuck into the. Store room. They were disappointed to find that it was nearly empty, as the Cyberlin was nearly ready to ship out with its payload, however Shinobu did manage to extract a full inventory list from a nearby computer terminal.

All possible information gathered Ace declared the mission a success and pulled the team out the same way they got in and undetected. This was preferable to trying to steal a truck full of valuable missiles and probably getting quite a lot of people killed.

Ace’s comments: I was prepared for a dramatic escape, driving trucks full of missiles and a room from a portacabin across rugged terrain while being chased by the full wrath of the WF military machine. I’m not dissatisfied with this outcome. Good work everyone.

Ace Nizky

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:07 pm

Information Sales
Missile Details - Bought by WF before auction
Shield Calibration Data - Bought by WF before auction
Cyberlin Details - WF let this go to market and it was snapped up by EI / Bright & Sunny Media

Comments from CEO Lee

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