"Maxwell Positron" memorial fund

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"Maxwell Positron" memorial fund

Post  Ace Nizky on Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:43 am

This fund has been set up at the bequest of an old friend and colleague of ours, Maxwell Positron, whose contribution to team efforts and the advancement of science will be fondly remembered.

As part of the fund all New Oracle Agents will be presented with the following equipment:

1 Mule-Tech bag, which is Anti-Gravity enabled, Heavily armoured, Waterproof, X-Ray Proof, Fireproof, Acid resistant and contain both an ID chip lock and a standard lock.
2 x tactical assault shield
2 x covert shield
3 x reflexive shields
10 vials of Devilfish
10 med-packs
5 nano-res packs
20 AV bugs
10 Invisibility fields
Five cans of ITE paint
Ten cans of ‘Robot seeking’ scout powder.
Armoured Balaclava
Several rolls of Tex Tape
Level 5 stealth Process chip
A registered credit chip for 200,000 credits
A datapad detailing the local area and contact details for all the active Oracle members.
Gift card for Anascan GUI, U-View optical sharing and Biostatus monitor.

In addition to the above any Agent can requisition funds for a necessary mission purchase. This may include weaponry, toolkits, or larger items such as Cyberframes or tanks.
This works in a way similar to the E.I. expenses account, only it is for mission critical equipment and all items remain property of the Fund, unless consumed.
Please make all requests in writing to Ace Nizky.

Ace Nizky
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