Cities of the Year 2550

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Cities of the Year 2550

Post  Hugo on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:45 pm

Canonical cities and other massive constructions as listed in Incorporated, p. 122-123.
This are the ones only listed in the book.

Main Corporations

Cities of the Ai Jinn

>Seoul Spire: Seoul, South Korea, Asia
>Kaohsiung Spire: Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Asia.
>Amur Border Spire: Somewhere near the mouth of the Amur River, between Russia and China.
>Beijing War Spire: Beijing, China, East Asia.
>Sinkiang Spire Complex: Somewhere in Xinjiang Region of China
>Kirachi Spire: Kirachi, Pakistan, Southern Asia
>Shanghai Spire: Shanghai, China, Asia.
>Hong Kong Spire Complex: Hong Kong, China, East Asia
>Ho Chi Minh Spire: Ho Chi Minh City, China, East Asia
>Java Spire: Java Island, Indonesia, South-East Asia
>Changi Spire: Changi, Singapore, South-East Asia
>Kikori Spire: Kikori, Papua New Guinea, Oceania
>Masirah Spire: Masirah Island off the coast of Oman, Middle East
>Bhutan Spire: The Kingdom of Bhutan, Central Asia
>Harbin Spire: Harbin, China, East Asia
>Khan Spire: Somewhere in Mongolia?
>Xi'an Spire: Xi'an, China, Asia

Old Cities
>Seoul: Seoul, South Korea, Asia.
>Shanghai: Shanghai, China, Asia.
>Bangkok: Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

>Enlight Archology: Close to Lake Tengiz, Kazakhstan

>Ashkhabad Weltball Arena: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Central Asia
>Luzon Gladitorial Arena and Motor Track: Luzon Island, Philippines, South East Asia
>Jakarta Mechanised Combat Arena: Jakarta, Indonesia, South East Asia

Factory Complexes
>Changsha Far-Drive Plant: Changsha, China, Asia
>Tianjin Factory Complex: Tianjin, China, Asia

Minor Corps
>Reaver Cybernetics: Just south of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Cities of Comoros
>Tunis Spire, Tunis, Tunisia, Africa.
>Dakar Spire, Dakar, Senegal, Africa.
>Sahara Spire, Looks like somewhere in Algeria, Africa.
>Lagos Spire, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
>Kano Spire, Kano, Nigeria, Africa.
>Asmara Peace Spire, Asmera, Eritrea, Africa.
>Madagascar Spire, Somewhere near Antananarivo, Madagascar, Africa.
>Redemption Spire, Capetown, South Africa, Africa.
>Dhaka Temple Spire, Located on the National Temple of Bangladesh, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
>Calcutta Spire, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
>Godavari Spire, On the Godavari river, probably close to Godavarikhani in the middle of India.
>Bangalore Spire, Bangalore, India.
>Preoria Spire, Preoria, South Africa, Africa.

Focus Domes
>Agadez Focus Dome, Agadez, Niger, Africa.
>Mongu Mind Spire, Mongu, Zambia, Africa.
>Mumbai Focus Dome, Mumbai, India.

Open Cities
>Beira Open City, Beira, Mozambique, Africa.

Old Cities
>Cairo Old City, Cairo, Egypt, Africa.
>Durban Old City, Durban, South Africa, Africa.
>Preoria Old City, Preoria, South Africa, Africa.

>Gabon Congo Archology, Somewhere in Gabon, Africa.

Teleport Stations
>Kisagani Teleport Station, Kisagani, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

Skybridge Terminals
>Conakry Skybridge Terminal, Conakry, Guinea, Africa. Leads to the Transatlanic Skybridge, then to the Salvador Skybridge Terminal in the South American Free State.
>Xaafuun Skybridge Terminal, Xuufuun, Somalia, Africa. Leads to the Mumbai Skybridge Terminal. It also leads to Dampier Arch Skybridge Terminal in the Australian Free State via the Arabian Crossback Skybridge.

Miscellanious Buildings
>Aswan Weltball Arena, Aswan, Egypt, Africa.
>Island of Comoros, Comoros Islands, Africa.
>Cape of Good Hope Tidal Barrage, Located off the coast of the Cape of Good Hope

Cities of Eurasia Incorporated
>Glasgow Spire, Glasgow, Scotland
>London Spire, London, England
>Madrid Spire, Madrid, Spain
>Voss Spire, Near Vossvagen, Voss, Norway
>Eden Spire, On the map it looks close to Dresden, Germany
>Helsinki Spire, Helsinki, Finland
>Catalan Spire Complex, Definitely around Rome, Italy
>Olympian Spire, Athens, Greece
>St. Petersburg Spire, Saint Petersburg, Russia
>Archangel War Spire, Arkhangelsk, Russia
>Moscow Drome Spire, Moscow, Russia
>Ulaan Border Spire, Charchan, China. You might think it's near Ulaanbator, but if you look at INC, it's hundreds of miles too far west, under Lake Alakol on the map.
>North Siberia Spire, Yakutsk, Russia and FUCK the map in INC is warped.
>The White Spire, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
>Magadan Spire, Magadan, Russia
>Thomas-Akai Spire, Somewhere in the new terraformed land in the Bering Sea

Sporting Arenas
>Tromso Weltball Arena, Tromso, Norway.
>Hannestein Arena, Eden Spire, Germany
>The Uberdrome, Russia
>Khatanga Motordrome, Khatanga, Russia Located around here, right on the northernmost point.
>Lake Baykal Gladiatorial Arena, Norther Tip of Lake Baykal, Russia

>Stockholm Arcology, Stockholm, Sweden
>Van Rosch Arcology, Looks like it's near Lake Chany, Russia. Bird migration path, plus it has a rumor of a Nessie-like lake monster.

Military Facilities
>Reykiavik Arms Depot, ]Reykiavik, Iceland.
>Valetta Air Base, Presumably all of Malta

Skybridge Terminals
>Glasgow Skybridge Terminal, Glasgow, Scotland. It connects to the Kap Farvel Terminal (WF) via the Iceline Skybridge.

Teleport Stations
>Berlin Teleport Station, Eden Spire, Germany.
>Igarka Teleport Station, Igarka, Russia

Other Facilities
>Odessa Comm Facility, Odessa, Ukraine.
>Novaya Testing Facility, Novaya Zemlya, at this beautiful bay, Russia
>Atyrau Medical Testing Centre, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Cities of the Shi Yukiro*
>Uesugi Spire, [/url]Around hereish in the Bering Sea.
>Takeda Spire, Around hereisn in the Sea of Okhotsk.
>Kyoto Spire, Kyoto, Japan.

Archologies (Matt says before the tsunami, these were the most beautiful places in the world, and fucking HARD to get into, even to visit.)
>Imagawa Archology, Around here in the teraformed ocean that will be SY territory.
>Hokkaido Archology, Hokaido, Japan.
>Tokyo Archology, Tokyo,Japan.

Open Cities
>Katsua Open City, Terraformed land going to be hereish around the coast of Japan.
>Yokohama Open City, Yokohama, Japan, spreading toward Tokyo.
>Osaka Open City, Osaka, Japan.
>Kagoshima Open City, Kagoshima, Japan.

*Who knows what remains after the tsunami?

Cities of the WF
>Coppermine Spire, [/url]Mouth of the Coppermine River, Northern Nunavut, Canada. Probably located near here.
>King Christian Spire, Looks like it's located in Tasiilaq in Greenland.
>Austerity Spire Compex, Somewhere near Maine, USA.
>Seattle Spire, Seattle Washington, USA.
>Chicago Spire, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
>Detroit Factory Spire, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
>Toronto Spire, Toronto, Canada.
>New York Spire, New York City, USA.
>Grand Canyon Spire Complex, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. I bet it's beautiful.
>Las Vegas Spire and Weltball Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
>Phoenix Spire, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
>Dallas/Houston Spire, Somewhere in between Dallas and Houston, Texas, USA.
>Caracas Spire, Caracas, Venezuela.

Open Cities
>Los Angeles Open City,LA, Southern California, USA

Old Cities
>San Francisco Old City, San Francisco, Northern California, USA

>Everglade Archology, Southern Florida, USA.
>Amazonia Archology,Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, South America.

Minor Corporation Headquarters
>Yaeger and Stantion, Somewhere in Louisiana, USA

Teleport Stations
>Point Hope Teleport Station, Point Hope, Alaska, USA.
>Atlanta Teleport Station, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Skybridge Terminals
>Labrador Skybridge Terminal, Labrador, Northeast Canada. This terminal leads to the Kap Farvel Terminal.
>Kap Farvel Skybirdge Terminal, Cape Farewell, Southern Tip of Greenland. This terminal connects to the Glasgow Terminal (EI) and the Labrador Terminal, and is the start of the Icebridge which runs from Greenland to Scotland.
>Baha Skybridge Terminal, Near the Southern tip of Baja Peninsula, Mexico. This is a termination point of the Pacific Seaway Skybridge, which leads to Shanghai (Ai Jinn)

Miscellanious Buildings
>Guantanamo Hazard Research Lab, Guantanamo, Cuba.
>Outpost Lima, Lima, Peru. At the border of WF territory and the Free State.

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Re: Cities of the Year 2550

Post  Fenris on Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:01 pm

Service Stations

>Tex Calahan Service Station. It departs from Baha Skybridge Terminal (WF) and connects to Shanghai Old City (Ai Jinn). It is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

>'Great One' Service Station. In the middle of the Trans Atlantic Skybridge, in between the Salvador Skybridge Terminal (SAFS) and the Conakry Skybridge Terminal (Comoros). Located on the equator in the Atlantic.

>Mathers Service Station. Located in between Kap Farvel Skybridge Terminal (WF) and Labrador Skybridge Terminal (WF). Located in the Far North Atlantic.

>Paris Service Station. Located in between Kap Farvel Skybridge Station (WF) to Glasgow Terminal (EI). Located in the North Atlantic.

>Indiana Services. Located on the Arabian Crossback Skybridge, in between Xaafuun Skybridge Terminal (Comoros) and the Dampier Arch Skybridge Terminal (AFS).

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Re: Cities of the Year 2550

Post  Hugo on Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:05 pm

Other Territories and Places

Cities and Facilities of the Austrialian Free State
Old Cities
>Darwin Old City, Darwin, Australia.
>Perth Old City, Perth, Australia.
>Adelaide Old City, Adelaide, Australia
>Melbourne Old City, Melbourne, Australia.
>Sydney Old City, Sydney, Australia.
>Auckland Old City, Auckland Old City.

Teleport Stations
>Sturt Teleport Station, Sturt, which is a real place and a desert, Australia.

>Kimberly Mental Correction Facility, Located in Kimberly, which is part of Northern Australia.
>Great Desert Penal Colony, Great Sandy Desert, Australia.

Skybridge Terminals
>Dampier Arch Skybridge Terminal, Dampier, Australia.

Miscellanious Buildings
>Ayres, It's a rock in the desert in the middle of Australia. That's it. EDIT: Apparently, there is a warren of streets and tunnels here dedicated to terrible criminals.
>Otago Depersonalisation Administration, Appears to be near Dunedin, New Zealand.
>Tasman Gladatorial Arena, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
>Australian Freestare Waste Management, Brisbane, Australia.

Enclaves and Cities of the One True Faith
>Order Enclave at Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico. Named "True Cross" in Spanish.
>Order Enclave at Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Relic Cities,
>Babylon Relic City, Babylon, Iraq.
>Jerusalem Relic City, Jerusalem, Israel.
>Damascus Relic City, Damascus, Syria.

Cities and Facilities of the South American Free State
Old Cities
>Santiago Old City, Santiago, Chile.
>Buenos Aires Old City, Buenoas Aires, Argetentina.
>Rio De Janerio Old City, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Minor Corporations
>Multimeat, Located somewhere near Puerto Montt, Chile.
>Liberty Black, Looks like it's near Santiago de Machaca, Bolivia. In the middle of fucking nowhere.
>Bright and Sunny Media, Blumenau, Brazil. One of their many places of business.

Skybridge Terminals
>Salvador Skybridge Terminal, Salvador, Brazil.. End of the Transatlantic Skybridge and leads to Conakry Skybridge Terminal in Comoros Territory.

Misc. Large Constructs
>Cape Horn Tidal Barrage, Near Cape Horn, Chile.
>Fortaleza Weltball Arena, Fortaleza, Brazil.

UIG Facilities
Oceanic Terminals
>Pacifica Terminal, Middle of the Pacific Ocean at around 13.239945,-135.622101 more or less.
>Atlantica Terminal, Middle of the Atlanic Ocean, around -40, 40 more or less.
>Indiana Terminal, On the Maldives, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Residential Complexes
>San Jose Residential Complex, San Jose, Costa Rica.
>Mato Grosso Archology, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Somewhere in this part of Brazil, anyway. Basically rainforest.
>Yuzhno Sakhalinsh Residential Complex, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.
>Aman Residential Complex, Appears to be located on K2, in Pakistan.
>Oshana Residental Compound, Oshana Region, Namibia.

Misc. UIG Buildings
>UIF, Zurich-ish, Switzerlandish, according to the maps.
>Longreach UIG Weapons Testing Facility, Longreach, Queensland, Australia.
>UIG Orbital Shuttle Station, Looks like it's near Ulaanbaatar, in Mongolia. This is a large area of UIG owned land.
>UIG HQ Larsen Ice Shelf, Larsen Ice Shelf, Antartica. Apparently they have nice gardens.
>Advanced Training Facility, Tierrea Del Fuego, a bunch of islands off Chile and Argentina in South America.

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Shi Yukiro GM Notes

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:32 am

These lists are awesome and should let me get my thoughts and ideas straight, as well as letting me add new stuff relatively easily. I'll do the S.Y first because they have the biggest changes due to the Tsunami.

Cities of the Shi Yukiro
Spires Cities - The Spire cities all had Underspires built underneath them. The condition of each is unknown, though their above-ground components are still there; spires were built to survive nuclear weapons and their futuristic equivalents, so they are still standing.

>Uesugi Spire, Around hereish in the Bering Sea. - The above-ground sections of this spire looks heavily damaged and the entire thing is now leaning at a 10 degree angle. It is a miracle of engineering that it did not topple over.

>Takeda Spire, Around here in the Sea of Okhotsk. - An export and manufacturing centre which provided a lot of consumer equipment for the E.I and Ai Jinn markets. The spire was never very popular with the upper classes of society, but it was deeply loved by the more free spirited members of the S.Y and it was a haven for things that would not be accepted in more mainstream S.Y culture. Outlandish fashion styles, inappropriate media content and equipment not considered 'elegant' or honourable by traditional S.Y agents used to pour from this Spire and into the global consciousness. Since the Tsunami it has been locked down, but it was relatively undamaged by it. If there is a resistance movement building amongst the S.Y citizens, it is likely to start here.
Note: The Takada Spire is described in the Eastern Bank, but the description should instead be taken to refer to Kyoto Spire. This is because the GM has taken Takeda Spire in a very different direction, but likes the Eastern Bank description of an S.Y Spire City.

>Kyoto Spire, Kyoto, Japan. - The capital of the Shi Yukiro nation. When Tokyo was made into an Archology many of its residents, businesses and government officials moved here. The Spire city is still alive and well thanks to its relatively isolated and high altitude location.
The Samurai and Ninja groups are both well represented here, though clan Hitori prefers to make its home further away from the centre of attention. Diplomats can still visit this Spire to speak with S.Y officials.
Note: The Takada Spire is described in the Eastern Bank, but the description should instead be taken to refer to Kyoto Spire. This is because the GM has taken Takeda Spire in a very different direction, but likes the Eastern Bank description of an S.Y Spire City.

Archologies - The S.Y were masters of the Archology; self sufficient cities with a limited population and a relatively low density of buildings. Many areas were ornate gardens and the world was rather jealous of them. Being given a home in one of these strictly controlled areas was one of the highest honours a normal citizen could hope to earn.

>Imagawa Archology, Around here in the teraformed ocean that will be SY territory. - This was totally wiped out by the Tsunami. The entire area was washed away and submerged by the wave, which undid many decades of work by the S.Y to create new land. Who knows what ruins and equipment lie beneath the waves in this region?

>Hokkaido Archology, Hokaido, Japan. - The name suggests it is the entire island of Hokkaido, but this is not true. The archology took up only 25% of the island, and primarily in its mountainous centre region. This left room for the open city Sapporo that was present before construction of the archology began. The city was built into the mountains and covered in (mostly) fake and holographic trees and vegetation. This Archology could be seen as the spiritual centre of the Shi Yukiro and contains many universities, museums and cultural sites. It survived the Tsunami, but does not allow visitors. The status of the inhabitants is unknown.

>Tokyo Archology, Tokyo,Japan. - The crown jewel of the S.Y Corporation. An entire city built to capture the asthetic values of medievil Japan. Each district is built in the style of a specific era from the propaganda version of S.Y history and covered in real plants, trees and wildlife. Anyone living in this archology had to strictly adhere to appropriate fashion, behavior and language or face being evicted. It was both an honour and a burden to live in this almost holy place. It was almost completely destroyed by the tsunami. Only time will tell if the S.Y will rebuild their old cultural capital.

Open Cities - S.Y open cities appeared to be almost crime free, clean and propserous. Their surface was not a complete facade, but an awful lot of underground dealings and sub-cultures were hidden by the citizens of even the most secure and respectable neighbourhoods.

>Katsua Open City, Terraformed land going to be hereish around the coast of Japan. - The surface city was completely wiped out by the Tsunami. It was formerly a deep water port for import and export to the WF. The land surrounding the area was washed away, but a low island remains and has a surface entrance to an Underspire.

>Yokohama Open City, Yokohama, Japan, spreading toward Tokyo. - The industrial capital of the S.Y. This city produced almost all of the exported equipment and had numerous R&D facilities. It was incredibly rich relative to other areas of the S.Y and famed for the E.M lenses it made for invisibility fields and laser weapons. The city also had a port for imports and exports. It is now a shadow of its former self, with 65% of its surface buildings demolished. An Underspire now holds the previous residents.

>Osaka Open City, Osaka, Japan. - Home of the Hitori ninja clan and the S.Y war museum showing trophies and equipment from the centuries of Corporate war. This open city survived the Tsunami relatively unscathed thanks to its location and some defensive city walls left behind from before D-Shift weapons made them useless. People from Osaka are famed for being short tempered, informal and fierce in battle. Several martial art schools can be found in this city, though getting access to them since the S.Y shut down their borders is close to imossible.

>Kagoshima Open City, Kagoshima, Japan. - Following the 2341 erruption of the Sakurajima volcano this city was scaled back considerably to reduce damage from future erruptions. In 2410 the volcano was officially 'tamed' and used as a source of geothermal energy by the Corporation and the city again began to grow. The 2414 erruption of the volcano taught the geo-engineers a lot about pride and tectonic activity. Since then, the city has grown at a modest pace and has not suffered from any more destructive volcanic activity. The open city is famed for the views of the bay it is built on and was once considered to be made into an archology. Kagoshima is currently still intact, but most of the population has been moved underground into an Underspire.

>Sapporo Open City, Hokkaido, Japan - An industrial open city famed for its manufacture of vehicles. Several culinary schools also used to operate here. It was unaffected by the Tsunami and still operates as an open city, albeit with increased monitoring of the population and no outside visitors.

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A More Detailed Look at Taiwan

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:13 am

Taiwan is the focus of some major world events and there is not really any official documentation about it. As an added bonus, it has been changed a lot just during the course of the game, and wil change more in the future.

Note: This is up to date as of Week 70

History of Taiwan
When the Chinese Government fell and the nation was swallowed up by the Ai Jinn the island of Taiwan took the opportunity to distance themselves from the new power. Unfortunately, the government of the USA who had formerly protected the island from invasion was in no fit state to assist and was itself turning into a Corporate superpower. Then the Corporate Wars started.
Taiwan was claimed by both the Shi Yukiro and the Ai Jinn, a recipe for disaster.
Taiwan was hit by chemical, biological, nuclear and eventually D-Shift weapons from both Corporations during the conflict. When the Wars ended Taiwan was technically held by the Shi Yukiro, but it was too far from their homelands to defend easily and would require a massive reconstruction effort. Taiwan was left to fester in pollution, nuclear fall out and dangerous chemicals.

The lack of Corporate oversight provided Taiwan with an almost free-state-like legal system. Its location in the heart of the Eastern Bank meant that the UIG would sometimes step in to make sure nothing too destructive was going on, but overall the inhabitants were left to their own devices.

Industry on Taiwan
Before the recent border skirmish the island was an economic dead zone. Exports were nearly impossible due to Shi Yukiro security protocols, pirates and Ai Jinn competition. The only resources available were the ruins of the cities and facilities destroyed in the Corporate wars. Caches of out dated weapons and equipment are still being found today. The inhabitants worked not for profit, but for survival and as a result they are a very hardy bunch with some unique skills.
At the time of writing there is an extensive construction effort being led by the Ai Jinn to build up defensive fortifications, mostly at the cost of the locals' efforts to rebuild.

Getting In and Out
The S.Y built an array of coastal defences around the island before the D-Shift devices changed warfare. The defences haven't been used in many decades, but they are now being manned by Ai Jinn soldiers to maintain a secure zone around the entire island. It is possible to travel to the island with Ai Jinn permission by using their ports. This situation may improve in the future, but for now the Ai Jinn military is consolidating its power and wishes to keep other Corporations out of the area.

Cities and Ports of Taiwan - More updates to come.

Keelung Old City - (Map)

Taipei Old City - (Map) - The former capital of the Taiwan. What little of the city remained intact was destroyed by cyberlin combat during the border skirmish in weeks 50-52. Not to be confused with New Taipei, which was a much larger metropolis that surrounded Keelung and Taipei before the Corporate Wars.

Taibao Old City - (Map) - A small old city that acts as a hub for several smuggling rings. It is very dangerous to hang around here for long if you have anything worth stealing.

Anping Old City - (Map) - A small town that is being demolished to provide materials for an Ai Jinn fortress, reported in the Week 68 news.

Taichung Port - (Map) - Taichung was once a large city that reached almost entirely across the width of Taiwan. Since the Corporate wars it has been largely uninhabited ruins, but its large port is still used. The port is capable of serving deep-bottomed vessels and would be the primary location for imports and exports if the Taiwan economy had any. The port is currently controlled and guarded by the Ai Jinn military.

Houlong Port - (Map) - A small port that is only remarkable because it has survived intact for centuries. The loading equipment there is still usable, but the container ships and cargo they were built for have long become obsolete and disappeared.

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Re: Cities of the Year 2550

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